17 year old Dalis Miller and her family take a trip to London for her dad's work for 2 weeks in the summer. She meets the Harry Styles and they fall in love. This is her story.

PG-13. :) Enjoy!!


41. Fancy Shmancy

"We're going to say hi to the fans coz Harry promised them!" Zayn said just as Perrie stepped out of the shower.

"Ok babe! We'll text you when we're coming down." Perrie replied, sticking her head out the bathroom door with a towel on, giving him a kiss.

"Ok bye Zayn. Bye Harry. See ya soon!" I say and Harry gives me a kiss on the cheek and I look over to Zayn who is thrusting the air. I laugh and mouth stop it. Perrie told him because while Harry was in the shower, she said something to him and I was right there. He looked at me, smiled, and said, "It's about friggin time. That boy has been wanting you since you met."

I was torn out of my flashback when Zayn said, "Yah so let's go ALL THE WAY down to the garage to meet the fans." He winks at me.

"Errmm.. ok?" Harry replied. I knew what he meant.

I finally put on my red lipstick and Perrie put on her shoes and we were ready to go, in an hour. Not bad for two girls.

Coming :) I text Harry.

Can't wait xx

We get to the garage and Zayn and Harry are waiting for us. They looked so cute with their blazers on, this is one reason why I fell hard for them; they're always so classy. Dressed classy, buecause they definitely don't act classy. LOL

We get into the black SUV and Harry and I are in the back seat. He puts his hand on the inside of my thigh and wouldn't let go until we got to the restaurant. Even then he still had his hands on me, it was really nice and I got so many butterflies. I've never had a boyfriend before and he was my first kiss, and will probably by tomorrow be my first time. I've always dreamed of this happening with him, and it actually is.

During dinner we talk about One Direction's upcoming tour and album. Harry said that I can have the cd he has. The boys get a cd for them and an extra to give to whoever they want, and Harry is giving me his! I look around this beautiful place. It's so astonishing! Everyone's dressed like they're meeting the Queen or the President and I love it! I love dressing up. I'm wearing my new black dress, red heel, my hair is straight and I'm wearing red lipstick. Perrie is wearing a gold long dress with gold shoes to match. Her hair is up in a polished bun and her makeup looks awesome! And the boys are wearing the usual; nice suit pants, blazers, a white shirt, and a tie; very classy.

We also talk about my family and their family, and the other boys. We also talk about how I'm going to see Taylor Swift in concert. Since she's really good friends with Ed Sheeran, and so are the boys, they've hung out a few times. They say she's really nice. They asked me if I've ever met her, bad decision. I get really emotional when I talk about her because she means so much to me. I've looked up to her ever since Our Song was produced. I started fan girling, like really hard, that I felt myself swallowing my tears holding them back. Harry guessed and changed the subject.

I know that sounds really weird, but that's like how some girls cry when they meet the boys. But mine is worth so much more because she's genuinely a good person and I strive to be like her. Ok my rant over.

We had an amazing night. I've missed Harry, Zayn, and Perrie so much, and I still miss the others from "the gang." We head to the car and Harry helps me in. Perrie and Zayn are waiting for another car to pull up because they're going somewhere else, I'm not really sure.

We get to the hotel and Harry puts his hand at my lower back and leads me to the elevator. He pressed the button to floor 44.

"Wait aren't we on 41?" I ask.

"Yeah, but that's not the roof." He says and smiles. I can't help but smile too and we kiss. (Don't worry my red lips don't smudge and some of it wore off so nothing is left).

When the doors open, I grab Harry's hand and run to the edge and look over it. The view was breath taking. I've been to the city a bunch of times but I've never seen it like this. It's beautiful. After a few minutes of just looking out at the view, Harry leads me over to our cute little table. He pours us a glass of champagne. About 3 glasses of it later, I lean over to Harry, yeah we were a little buzzed.

"I'm not gonna lie. For my birthday I promised myself that I'd take 3 shots." I say, spilling my guts.

"Ok. I have that as well. I wasn't sure what you wanted cos you seem like a classy girl." He pours me a little in my glass and does the same for him.

"Well then Harold. You don't really know me." I say smiling, while taking off my heels and standing on the table. Harry starts to play his new music on his phone and we have a dance party, of just us two. Then Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran popped up. He goes to turn it off, but I get to the table quicker and I take it away.

"No. Leave it. I love this song." I say

"Me too. Would you care to dance my lady?" He asked and bowed down to take my hand.

"Why... I'd love to." I say and Harry spins my in close.

We were rocking slowly back and forth to the music and now that I think of it, my heart melts because it was such a beautiful moment.

When the song ended, we got our stuff and went down to our room. We're in the elevator and I put my hands around Harry's neck and kiss him on the lips. He moves his hands from the top of my waist down to the bottom.

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