17 year old Dalis Miller and her family take a trip to London for her dad's work for 2 weeks in the summer. She meets the Harry Styles and they fall in love. This is her story.

PG-13. :) Enjoy!!


53. By The Way....

"Oh please." I sigh. Harry can tell me i'm beautiful 200 times, and I'll maybe believe him towards the end.

"I mean it. I'd rather be beautiful than sexy any day." Harry intertwines his fingers in my as we snuggle under the covers.

"Well you are beautiful so HA!" I say and I jump out of bed.

"Not so fast missy.... come back!" Harry gets out of bed and runs to the door just as I open it enough to see Niall and Lauren sitting on the couch, Harry slams it shut.

"Haz??" I turn around facing him.

"Dalis." He keeps one hand on mine that is holding the door knob and puts the other on my lower back. My top five weaknesses for him are when he puts his hand on my lower back, when he calls me babe, his green eyes, and weird I know, his collar bones and his hands.

"Harry I'm hungry! Let me go!" I playfully say as I try to leave his grasp on me, making my way behind him.

"I'm hungry too. But for you." He whispers in my ear as I pass him.

"You're so weird!" I laugh and jump on his back, and kiss the back of his neck, feeling his front body. He moans a little and I laugh a little louder and cover his mouth with my hand. Harry puts his hand on the back of my inner thighs to hold me. He licks my hand and I fling it off his face.

"Ew!! Harry!!" We're now both cracking up.

"WE CAN HEAR YA YEH KNOW!" Niall screams in his Irish accent. Lauren's laughing too.

Harry opens the door to leave his room and the only people in our hotel room is Niall and Lauren.

"Where is everybody?" I ask as I jump off of Harry and go to the kitchen to get food.

"They went on a breakfast date." Niall answers as he gets up to go to the bathroom.

"Oh gotcha, you didn't go?"

"Nahh, we decided to sleep in. They left when we got up and we said bye." Lauren says. It's around 9 right now. Lo checks to make sure Niall closed the door to his room and shoots me a look and beams!

"How was sex with Niall last night?" Harry bursts out while taking a bite of his cereal.

I slap him on the back making him choke a little. "HARRY!"

"What? I'm asking." Harry says chuckling a little bit.

"For your information... it's non of your business." Lauren's face is bright red and she gives me a smirk.


"So you did have sex with him...?" Harry says again. This time Niall comes out of the bathroom and stares at us, staring at him.

"Ummm...." Is all Niall could say.

"Next topic. What time do you leave today?" I say giving Harry a death glare.

"Around 6." Niall answers sitting down across from me at the table.

"Ok, so we'll all hang out and then you guys can drive us home then, and Niall you could meet Lauren's parents!" I exclaim.

"Umm, actually, about that. I kinda wanted to take Niall back home in an hour and we can hang out just the two of us. Is that ok?" Lo asked.

"Oh. Lauren, that's fine! I love it! Go have fun!" I smile and give Lo a hug.

20 minutes later, Niall and Lauren are about to leave. They have all their belongings and are at the door. I give Lauren a hug and say that I'll call her when I'm on my way back home. I then say goodbye to Niall because I won't see him until probably the new year. Harry and I were talking about flying me to London, nothing is definite yet. I hug Niall and he walks out waiting for Lauren by the elevator with a security guard.

I forgot to mention, outside our rooms and basically every where we go, we have security. It's kinda fun but really weird at the same time. We have to sometimes be careful what we say and do in front of them because it can get awkward. Like yesterday for example. Liam, Zayn, and Louis were talking about sex. (I wasn't supposed to hear it but I did.) We were waiting for our cars to pull up and Harry and Niall were in the bathroom and the other girls were getting Starbucks for us. I had to stay and basically babysit the other boys.

Anways, they were talking about sex and a security guard was right behind them and they didn't know. So I tapped them on the shoulder and gave them a "are you stupid" face and looked at the security guard. They turned red and stopped talking. It's weird.

As Niall yelled, "Lo hurry up. You'll see Dalis in like a day!!" Lauren gave Harry and I a hug and thanked us for setting up her and Niall. As she was closing the door she takes a deep breath and whispers loudly, "By the way sex with Niall was great!" And slams the door shut, laughing.

Harry and I look at each other and laugh so hard we almost started crying. I think being with the boys Lauren and I have boosted our confidence and made us different people, in a good way.

The rest of the crew came back around 12:45 just as Harry and I were leaving to go for lunch. We met up in the hotel lobby.

"Dude, they're are so many fans outside. Like I don't even know if you're gonna be able to leave." Zayn said, kind of out of breath, clinging to Perrie.

I look out the long, glass doors to the front of the hotel and notice that the fans are basically blocking the road. "Oh my god, Harry look. They're blocking traffic." I can't believe this. Fans are everywhere! This is crazy, and it's a Sunday; shouldn't they be doing homework, I should be doing that too... oops.

Everyone please be safe, we love you and don't want anyone getting hurt xx Harry tweets.

I then tweet You guys are crazy! But truly dedicated to the boys! Maybe they'll say hi if you're all calm and safe :) I first had to get permission from Paul and the other security and the boys of course before I tweeted that, they really liked it.

The rest of the peeps go back to their rooms and Harry and I are escorted a back way, kind of secret way too. We drive to Times Square and find a cute little place to have lunch. A few girls recognized Harry and I and he stopped to take pictures. He asked them to stay calm and freak out and gave them each a kiss on the cheek. I smile, take their pics and then they ask me for one.

"Me? Hahaha why me?" I ask laughing, in shock a little bit.

"Because Dalis, you're so sweet, pretty, and my role model!" The girl said. She looked about the same age as me.

"Really? Aww you're so sweet." I reply. I've always wanted to be someone's role model and have girls look up to me and I guess that mini dream is coming true.

Harry takes the picture of me and the girls and we say our farewells and go in the restaurant.

"You're just as famous as me!" Harry says grabbing my hand.

"No I'm not. I'm not famous for anything. I don't sing, dance, or anything."

We get seated in a back room with a few other people, they're all watching our every move, kinda creepy but hey! I'd be doing the same thing if I were them and I saw Harry Styles.

"You're famous for being you." Harry pushes in my chair and sits down.

"I'm famous..." air quotes on famous, "for being WITH YOU!" I argue back.

Harry shrugs and nudges me with his foot.

"By the way..." Harry starts to speak, smiling and touching my hand.


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