Summer Nights Dreams

Ashley was a 15 year old girl from Florida. She had never been out of the country let alone anywhere near the United Kingdom. Her single mother decided to move out to London because of her job. Ashley didn't want to leave her home of 15 years but she had no choice. At least her bestfriend Natalia came along. In London the summer was great. She fell head over heels for this one boy... except his secret was? He was 1/5 of a boy band... Too famous and loved by girls for words.


1. Surprise Surprise

"Ashley honey, get up." My mom said shaking me lightly. I opened my eyes a little and shut them instantly. The sun light was so blinding. I looked at my alarm clock from the corner of my eye. I was it resting on my side table. 12:00 pm. Oh god. I sat up in my bed and waved my mom away with a smile. She nodded and closed the door as she walked out of my room. I stared at the window and the empty wall next to it. I shook my head and placed my face in my hands. I groaned quietly as i hung my feet over the side of my bed. I stood up as goosebumps ran up all over my body from the cold tile floor. I walked towards my full body mirror. Not so bad. I fixed my hair into a messy bun on top of my head and let some hairs fall out. Not much to fix if I'm sitting in a plane for the next 9 hours. I grabbed my favorite pair of sweats and a cute crop top, and I slipped on my all red Supras. I turned around noticing the snoring was my bestfriend Natalia who was fast asleep on the top bunk. I grabbed my pillow and flung it at her. "WHAT?!" she screamed or whatever level of voice could come out a girl who has slept on 4 hours. I smiled at the fact that she lives me and now we are moving to London. 

"We gotta go lady!" I said trying to sound serious. She threw my pillow back and jumped off the top bunk. Her black hair was all messy something you rarely see from her. I walked into the bathroom to wash my face, brush my teeth, and waste time basically. "I call bathroom first loser!" I slightly yelled walking towards the bathroom. "Fine you poop" she called back. Best friendship ever. I closed the door shut and started wasting time. 


Natalia's P.O.V

It's too damn early. I can't live on 4 hours of sleep. I look like shit at the moment. Ugh. I grabbed the brush Ashley left out for me to use and i pulled my hair back into a messy ponytail. Classy and cute but not Trashy. Perfect. Pulling on the nearest shorts and t-shirt I found and slipping my all white converse on. I pray these don't get dirty or stepped on. I fixed my smudged makeup and looked around at the empty walls. This sucks. I've never seen such a sad room before. All the memories and tears and laughs we had here. Gone. I guess maybe it's good for us. Maybe some good will come out of moving out of the Country. You never know. I noticed something along the wall we didn't take down. I walked over to it. A picture of us when we were 5 and a picture of us now was pinned against the wall. So much has changed. My parents divorced and none of them wanted to take care of me. Ashley's dad left. I guess bad things happen to good people every now and then. Ashley just still seems to be the reason I laugh. I love her to death. She walked in and laughed slightly which broke my train of thought. She looked more awake now. "What a change huh?" she smiled. "Yeah.. What a change." 

"Girls! Let's go!" Ashley's mom yelled from downstairs. We took the picture down and our pillows and blankets and got ready to go to the airport. We took one last look around and left out the door.


Ashley's P.O.V

The drive to the airport wasn't bad. We had our tickets so we sat down and waited for our plane to be called. As they called us we stood up and walked towards the entrance. We took our seats and the plane lifted slowly. As we flew over Miami Beach I looked out the window and gave one last goodbye to Florida. I shut the window cover and laid back. Maybe sleep will help me forget. 

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