The Island of Forgotten Toys

This is one of my favourite poems that I've written. I guess I wrote it for my family. I have a lot to thank them for and I wouldn't be where I am today without their constant love and support.


1. The Island of Forgotten Toys

We are alone but we are safe.

Our crazy separates us from the world.

Our insanity is our comfort.

We bring ourselves joy,

Like we’d bring each other boxes tied

Up with ribbons at Christmas.

If we were with the Others.

Here, we need love as we need oxygen.

Our eyes are broken

But our hearts are perfect.

Time cannot harm us here,

We are hidden from Death.

We are not numbers,

We have no names.

For we are artists.

We are the painters of the stars,

The composers of the wind.

We are together,

We are artists,

We are invincible.

And for one moment,

We are forever.

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