A Rose On The Bed

Ashley was enjoying her last days of camp. But when she returns to the place she calls home, everything changes. Her mom is gone! And she left nothing behind. But clues. Clues to finding her father. But while on the mission to find her once love father. She finds love as well. With someone that may be hidding something, like being in one driection!


3. Louis's P.O.V Meeting Her

"We love you goodnight everyone! Thank you for coming. And don't forget were doing auto signing really soon. So keep your eyes out!" Laim said as we all left the stage. We just got in our dressing room when Naill said "Louis? Did you see her?" They always make fun of me about this, I say this girl at a meet- and - greet. And I couldn't forget her eyes. I could swim in them for hours if she let me. Next time I see her I got anything I'm going to say planned out. I just hope she feels the same way for me...

"Dude! Are you really thinking about if she says no to you? Why would she? She is a fan..." Harry Said in this deep voice that made me think I could actually do this.  But she did say to her friend when she was about to leave "He's cute. But if I ever had a star for a boyfriend, I don't know if it would work out. I don't want to get my feelings hurt..." I did catch her name as her friend called her a dummy for thinking that. Ashley. It even sounds amazing. 

And that's when it hit me, she doesn't want a star as a boyfriend. So what if I somehow try to find her and dress as someone not so famous. It's a great plan! I just needed the help to do it....

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