A Rose On The Bed

Ashley was enjoying her last days of camp. But when she returns to the place she calls home, everything changes. Her mom is gone! And she left nothing behind. But clues. Clues to finding her father. But while on the mission to find her once love father. She finds love as well. With someone that may be hidding something, like being in one driection!


2. Going Nowhere

I didn't heard anything. So my first thought was that my mom was taking one of her bear naps. I'm 18 years old and all my life my mom takes what she calls a bear nap,Where no matter what happens it's hard to wake her up.  Which in m life has it's ups and downs. But I never been really outgoing so it I wasn't really a party person. Which made it just down for me. 

Anyways, I look all around the house. But I don't see anything left of her. And a lot of stuff is gone as well. The pictures on the walls are all down. And the stickers on the old shed door are all off and done for. So I though my mom was cleaning up for me, since it was my 18 birthday today she promised me a day of fun. And my day of fun was making this old house turn into something wonderful and new. :)

I went into my bedroom and looked around. Everything in my room was how I left it. Everything clean and in place. I don't think my mom came in her at all. Every time she comes in her she says she feels old and alone. Because she knows soon I will find the love of my life and leave her to be with him. But I would never do this, in less she beg me. :)

I was about to fall on my bed when I saw a rose place at the tip of my bed. It's was very pretty. I carefully picked it up and read the note that was put on the rose. 

Dear Ashley,

I simply regret ever thinking about this, but it had to come this way. I left. I just couldn't do it anymore. Seeing you grow up and being like me. And trust me, I made mistakes in my time. To many to count! And I couldn't see you live the way I had to live. So I left this note to tell you..You have to find your father. We both still love each other. It just didn't work out. So don't think of him as anything he's not. All you have to do is find him. He's name is David Pam. Of course your last name! And he lives in England. But comes to America every month or so. Please  try your to find him! We both love you very much!

                                            Love, Your Once Loved Mother. <3

I stared crying..So I grabbed my old teddy bear. The one that if things didn't seem right I would snuggle with. I raced out the door and headed to the path. My mom and I would have a little path in our backyard that lead to a little path that looked like a alley. We used to go there when things feel tough and strange. And that's how it feels right now. 

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