A Rose On The Bed

Ashley was enjoying her last days of camp. But when she returns to the place she calls home, everything changes. Her mom is gone! And she left nothing behind. But clues. Clues to finding her father. But while on the mission to find her once love father. She finds love as well. With someone that may be hidding something, like being in one driection!


1. Coming Home

I hoped into the car. "Hello Miss! I'm David, I'll be driving you home from camp today. Your mom couldn't make it. But trust me, I drove tons of girls to their house before! I'm not some kind of stranger or whatever. I work for the camp." David seem to say with a grin. I think he found it funny that when I hoped into the car that I saw him instead of my mom. I throw my bag to the back of the car. The man seemed nice. So I left myself onto trusted him. " Anyways, we will be here for a couple of hours, so it would be nice if I knew your name." David seem to look at me it was kinda a bit strange how he seem to do it. " I'm Ashley. But all my friends seem to call me smash-" David seem to cut me off. " I don't like nicknames, Miss Ashley." David was very nice and the car ride was fun. But really I couldn't keep still. I couldn't wait to see my mom and tell her about everything that I got to do at camp. She going to be prove when I tell her that I made a ton of new friends. I'm more on the shy side but this month seem a little differant. So why not be outgoing for a month? David dropped me off at my house before I even knew it! I raced to the front door and it flew open, I sreamed as loud as I could! " I'M HOME!!!" But there was no answer.....

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