I Refuse To Fall, When They Still Exist

Rio has been hunting for angels since she can remember; travelling from state to state since she was born. When a shadowey succubus nearly takes away her breath, she has to fight to survive. And fight off her desires for the mysterious emo kid that helped her out.


25. Chapter 23

The bullet hit home, opening up a wide hole in her chest. The gold collar was buckled by the impact of the bullet, and her right breast had been completely shot off. She turned away from me, clutching the open wound. Thick, flowing blood coated her hands, before she turned her head towards me, and growled deeply in the back of her throat, like a really pissed off dog does, right before it mauls you. She spread her wings, then dived straight for me. I knew she was gonna kill me at this moment, like how a baby gazelle that's not quite dead yet, knows it's going to die when the mama lioness drags it over to her cubs.

The tugging sensation in my back kicked in, dragging me backwards across the polished floor, until I smacked into the far wall. The expression on this angel's face changed from pure viciousness, to confusion, to thinking "This is gonna hurt", as she was plowed into by something the exact shade of blue as denim, and moving like Wile E. Coyote tied to a rocket. That shouldn't be happening! I thought the werewolves, and the demon, had polished him off.

"Rio!" Belial called, throwing me the flamethrower. It clattered to the floor, as Charles forced the angel into the fireplace. He'd driven the truck right through the front door, the entrance hall, and into the main room. Charles had leapt off the bonnet, and collided with the angel, Annika.

How the fuck do you know this is Annika?

The same way I know that she was the one standing on the front porch a few nights ago, that's how. Flipping the switch on the flamethrower, the orange flames spring up at the end, I aimed it at the dazed Annika, then pulled the trigger.

She certainly stopped being dazed then, as she got a head coated in fire. With a screech, she sprang up from the fireplace, then dived through a human-shaped outline that was already in the glass. It was like someone had ran out of here in terror. Damn useful for her, and for us. The flames dancing over her body and frazzling her hair into non-existance, melted the snow around her, so we could see where she was. Handing the flamethrower to Charles, he sent another blast of fire out at her, melting all snow anywhere close to the ribbon of fire.

I climbed into the passenger side of the truck, as there were several more blasts of fire. I don't think she'll try anything again. Well, not until she puts the fire on her head out. And then not until he whole thing has healed, and she's grown a new breast, and grown all her hair back. She'll be out of action for a long time.

"Far out, Rio! Far fucking out! Charles just popped up beside me and told me to drive straight through the door and whaddya know, he plows right into that bitch like a freaking bullet! Fucking hell, Rio! I thought he was dead!" Belial shouted, hyped up from the whole thing.

"I thought he was too! Oh, Jesus Christ, how the fuck did he survive?" I gasped, as nobody could survive an attack by God-knows how many werewolves and a fricking Biblical demon. Not without a weapon at least.

"You left an assault rifle behind, and a ton of Holy water. Next person to come to that house will find a bunch of dead wolves and a strong smell of sulphur. I didn't appreciate you summoning a demon, by the way. He was a nasty fucker." Charles explained, climbing onto the spare seat.

"How did she...know we were coming." Belial asked.

"There must be some sort of leak. A traitor. She'll go to the college, where she'll be safe." Charles replied, acting like I wasn't even there.

"So you're sending us somewhere where there's a traitor who wants me killed?" I asked. The pistol was still in my hand, as a cold, accusing weight. How many people had to have been killed today, and how many more will die at the end of this?

"I've got contacts there. They'll keep an eye out for you. Oh, and one more thing."


"Try and stay out of trouble."

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