I Refuse To Fall, When They Still Exist

Rio has been hunting for angels since she can remember; travelling from state to state since she was born. When a shadowey succubus nearly takes away her breath, she has to fight to survive. And fight off her desires for the mysterious emo kid that helped her out.


24. Chapter 22

The drop-off point was actually a huge plantation hiding behind two wrought-iron gates. The whole thing was absolutely you-think-Graceland-was-big,-take-a-look-at-this-place style massive. With the warped chimneys and arched windows, you could confidently call Hollywood and say you've found a location for the next Addams Family film. Or fill it with fake skeletons and dry ice to make it a cheesy Hallowe'en haunted house.

The iron gates were wide open, almost like someone was inviting us. Pressing my foot on the accelorator, the truck turned into the open gates, which clanged shut behind us.

That's either a good sign, or you're in deep shit. Hitting the brakes, I took my most powerful pistol off the spare seat, and clicked the safety off. Just in case this was a trap.

"Right, I need you to keep the truck running. If I'm not out in 10 minutes, take the AK-47 and come on in. Clear?" I said, pushing the door open and hopping out. The snow crept up to my knees, seeping through the denim fabric and soaking my legs.

"Crystal clear." Belial replied.

I slammed the truck door shut, then waded through the deep snow. It thinned out in places, but then made up for it soon after, by soaking me up to my hips. It was gonna be Frostbite Central later on. Climbing up the wooden porch steps, the snow let off from seeping through my clothes, and contented itself with sticking to me in icy clumps. Reaching a hand towards the brass door knocker, I rapped once, before the door swung open on its own.

Ok, now that's worrying. Did you call ahead and make sure this was a good time?

Not helpful. Not helpful at all. The ripped, black drapes fluttering in the icy wind, and the dust covered steps were creepy enough without any dumbass jokes. There were a few arched doors leading off the main hall; one closed, and one open. Slipping my fingers into the trigger guard, I headed for the open door.

I only had about 10 seconds to get a look around the room, before both the front door, and the door I was approaching, slammed shut in unison. The cold draught shooting from the slammed doors, seemed to have been laser-guided to hit me front and back. Something was definitely trying to fuck with my mind.

With a low, long creak, the closed door swung open, exposing the room. Thick, black, velvet curtains fluttered gently in the draught, as the candlelight reflected off the black and white tiled floor. At this distance, the reflections looked like screaming faces on the black tiles, and snarling ones on the white ones. This was freaky as fuck. Creeping into the room, I took a good look around at the surroundings, before the reinforced oak door slammed shut behind me.

The little hairs on the back of my neck instantly sprang up, as soldiers do when commanded to attention. The place was getting more and more fucked up by the second. All it needed was a crash of thunder and a lightening bolt to show through a dust-coated window, and it would be the perfect setting for a horror film. At least it can't snow and have thunder and lightening at the same ti-

The crash of lightening shook me to the core, lighting up the room whilst the thunder rolled overhead. Clearly it can do all threee at the same time. The place was even creepier now, as I approached the cream chaise-lounge facing the empty fireplace. Unlike anything else in the place, it was completely dust-free. That bothered me a lot more than the snow and thunder thing. With my fingers brushing the trigger, I turned to a little alcove, completely hidden behind a curtain, and saw something black, creeping, and evil, slither underneath it.

Creeping quietly, I reached for the velvet curtain, and closed my hand around it. Just as the lightening flashed above my head, I ripped the velvet curtain back, and exposed what was behind it.

Nothing. A whole pile of nothing. It was a completely empty space. This was definitely not cool at all. Turning back, I went to try getting out, when I saw her.

She was unwrapping a thick, red cloak from over her shoulders, letting it fall to the floor. Her wings weren't jet black, as is normal for angels. These wings were a deep, rich purple, like she'd stained them with blackberry juice. They went surprisingly well with her rich red, and I mean RED, curls, that brushed her naked back. Aside from an emerald-green gauzy skirt that dipped down at the back, and an extremely ornate gold necklace. It was thick enough and long enough to cover her entire front without a problem. Think of those wide collars that the Pharaohs used to wear in ancient Egypt, and you're pretty much dead on.

" "Come in to my palace." Hissed the spider. Innocently, she walks in and picks up the bait." Her voice was oddly melodious, like she was singing those words. It seemed like her vocal chords were really harp strings, being plucked by expert fingers. If you weren't paying proper attention to her, you'd just think she was lucky to have such flawless skin, glossy hair, toned figure and shapely breasts. However, if you looked closer, you'd see the animal crouching in her reversed eyes.

For human eyes, they all look roughly the same. White on the outside, ring of blue, brown, grey or green, then black spot in the centre. Her eyes were reversed however, so they were black on the outside, a flaming ring of scarlet, and a white spot in the centre. She looked almost like someone had heated a fire poker until it glowed white-hot, then pressed it to her eyes.

"Perfect. The scarlet apple, just before it turns bad. The blood of thousands of nephilims has coated my throat before, but I find the little fledglings to be the sweetest, right before they take flight." The words dripped off her sharpened teeth, as something else slow-moving, black, rapidly clotting and foul, dripped off her left canine fang and stained her full, bottom lip.

"Not this time, bitch!" I snapped, aiming the pistol and pulling the trigger.

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