I Refuse To Fall, When They Still Exist

Rio has been hunting for angels since she can remember; travelling from state to state since she was born. When a shadowey succubus nearly takes away her breath, she has to fight to survive. And fight off her desires for the mysterious emo kid that helped her out.


23. Chapter 21

What does it say about your life, when 3 hours of 3 teenagers working, folds all of it up into the back of a Chevy camper? It had started to get dark when I shut the truck doors, and I was doing one last sweep to make sure nothing had been forgotten.

"That's the last of it. We'd better get going, or serious shit will go down." I said, finishing the kitchen sweep and coming outside.

"Excellent, I'll drive." Charles said, holding his hand out for the keys.

Hold on mate. I trust you, but not that much. "It handles a bit weirdly when it's full. You're not experienced when it's like that." I replied.

"I'm the only one who knows the location to the drop-off point though. Hand me the keys."

Ok, now I trust you even less, angel boy. "Well you can give me directions."

"Rio, what's going on?" Belial came in from stocking the front of the truck. One of every type of gun had to be fully loaded and on hand. He drew the short straw, and had to load them all.

"Nothing. Get in the truck and keep an eye out." I said, turning away from Charles for a split second. It was a big mistake, as he'd grabbed my wrist and turned on the angel mode.

"You're trying my patience. Now hand me the keys." The fangs had grown again, giving him a slight lisp.

"Back off her, asshole. Anyway, something's coming, and it's fucking evi-"

The crash came first, then the deep, throaty growl, and the werewolf dived for Charles. My keys scattered across the room, as I ran out. The truck door was open, and I was endlessly grateful for that. I dived into the driver's side, and flipped the safety off the slim-nosed, black machine gun. If that werewolf followed Belial out, then it would be sorry.

That was another thing; where was he. Oh, God, please don't let the werewolf have polished off Charles and started on him! I don't give a shit about Charles, but Belial was my friend. And my sort-of, not quite, maybe boyfriend.

The wall bulged outwards, as something was thrown against it. The thought of it being Belial, sickened me to my stomach. The flimsy front door buckled, then something was thrown through it. Something in black leather, who had my keys in his hand. It was Belial, and he was ok!

"Belial!" I called, then realised what I'd done. I'd said the name of a Biblical demon, and a powerful one at that. I was in deep shit now.

The human Belial wrenched open the passenger door, and dived onto the seats, as the first signs of the demonic Belial appeared. He shut the door behind him tightly, as a streak of purple light shot up from the garage floor, forming a glowing, purple, inverted pentagram in mid air. The light grew, so the pentagram became a solid shape, which morphed into a horned figure.

"Oh shit! Oh shit! Oh, holy fucking SHIT!" I shrieked, as the purple light faded. The demon was dark-red skinned, with back-length, dishevelled, black hair, and curled horns the length of my arm and not unlike an impala's horns. Demonic Belial flexed his claws, then began striding towards the truck on silver, shining hooves.

"Lock the door!" I ordered, winding the window down and pointing the barrel of the machine gun out of it. I wrenched the trigger back, unleashing the spray of .45 bullets straight at his bare chest. I shrieked out an exorcising chant over the spray of bullets.


Demonic Belial roared in rage, scenting the air with his horse-like nose, and dived into the house. There were a series of bangs on the truck roof, as I pulled the machine gun in and wound the window up. The werewolves jumped onto the hood, following demonic Belial into the house. One turned and snarled at me, with its sulfurous yellow eyes glowing. Me and human Belial screamed, as I gunned the accelerator in reverse.

I crashed through the garage door, as wood splintered and flew everywhere. Wrenching the wheel to the left, I turned onto the road, and gunned it away. Human Belial buckled his seatbelt up, as I forced the accelerator to the floor. I was so determined to get away from it, that I forgot about the dreamstealer.

The first one thunked against the windshield, whitish and fluffy, with eyes way too big for its face and a startlingly pink throat. The next one came shortly afterwards, then tonnes more. All thunking themselves against the glass.

"Holy shit! It had babies!" Belial cried, as one stuck to the windshield. It squawked harshly, the sound loud enought to go through the glass. The mama was probably dead or dying somewhere, but it managed to lay eggs. Lay them in the sleeping bodies of my neighbours, who were probably ripped open and lying dead in their beds.

I pounded the button, and the windscreen washer squirted it until it was sodden. I flicked the switch to activate the wipers, whacking it off the screen. It squawked a loud cry of pain, as it went under the tyre. That was one dead, but there were hundreds of them. All trying to splat themselves through the windshield. Instinctively, I took a grenade off the seat between Belial and me, cracked the window enough to get it through, pulled the pin, then threw it out.

The explosion shook the truck, as the shockwave completely blasted the mini-dreamstealers. They fell to the road, getting crushed by the wheels. I gunned it again, passing a side road that was completely blocked off by snowplow ick.

Someone at the council's gonna recieve an earful of a complaint tomorrow. Then I realised nobody would be complaining again. Ever. Someone would come demanding rent, and find the decomposed or decomposing remains of the occupants with their chests ripped open and their ribcages shattered.

"Rio?" Human Belial said.

"What?" I replied, turning onto the freeway.

"That...thing, that appeared when you said my nickname, that was a demon, right?" He asked. His voice was very high, and weak. That experience had freaked him the fuck out.

"Bingo, you get first prize." I replied, as being sarcastic seemed to help.

"Those werewolves, and the demon, they won't kill Charles will they? I mean, properly kill him?"

"Rather him than us. The asshole deserves it. I shouldn't have trusted him." That's what happens when you deal with half-angels. You trust them a bit, then they show you why you shouldn't. Even though I'm apparently half-angel myself.

How do you know he wasn't bullshitting you? You could be 100% human.

If I'm all human, explain getting dragged around by an invisible rope on your spine, and cursing your teacher. That is not a normal thing, even by my standards.

Well maybe he was the one dragging you about.

Possible, but explain Ms Retchford getting cursed. He was nowhere near you when that happened.

Well...if you are half-angel, then your Mom must have been one. Explain that.

Mom definitely wasn't an angel. Mom was, normal.

"We're going to play the game." That's not normal, is it?

Normal by our family standards, that is. Me and Dad always put the "fun" in "dysfunctional". I know what I see, and I see you're pissing me off!

The drop-off point was in sight, and I could put it behind me.

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