I Refuse To Fall, When They Still Exist

Rio has been hunting for angels since she can remember; travelling from state to state since she was born. When a shadowey succubus nearly takes away her breath, she has to fight to survive. And fight off her desires for the mysterious emo kid that helped her out.


17. Chapter 15

I'd driven at my worst all the way back, and parked at an angle that could only be described as drunken. it was about 9pm, and Belial would be waiting.

"Hey, you're back la-are you okay?" He asked, swiftly changing his tone. I suppose I had the wild-eyed look of a crazy person, and i was soaked.

"Jesus come on in. You look like you've seen a ghost." A smile played around his mouth, as he dragged me, dripping, into the living room. "That's pretty possible, isn't it?" He asked.

"Pretty possible. I found the guy on the other side of the phone." I replied, freezing cold despite Dad's truck heater being cranked up to maximum.

"Any news?" He took my sodden coat, and I shivered on the lino.

"Not exactly. Did you make anything whist I was out?" I didn't have the heart to tell him about this Charles Illarde fucker, as he was a newbie to the True world.

"Yeah, there's chilli in the fridge. I'll heat it up for you, whilst you change as no offence, but you look kinda rough."

No shit, sherlock. Especially after what I've been through. I headed upstairs, as each step got heavier and heavier. I dragged my jeans and thick turtleneck off, blindly aiming them into the bathroom. My head hurt like crazy, and I'd pulled something in my back. I felt a bit guilty, as Belial was going to all that trouble. I staggered onto my bed, falling asleep before I even hit the mattress.

                                                                *                *                *

I rarely dream of my Mom, but when I do, it's always the same. She's leaning over my crib, her face brighter than the moon and more beautiful than the sunlight. It's probably like that because I'm so young though. There's a sadness behind her eyes, like rain through a dusty window.

"Rio, honey?" Her voice is normally lively and bold, like her Nicuraguan heritage, but this time it's different.

"Mommy?" My voice changes each dream. Sometimes it's the voice of a toddler, sometimes older. It's always very tired though, and inquisitive.

"It's ok, sweetie." She lifts me in her arms, and I cling on, even though I'm a big girl now and I don't need to be carried. She smells of freshly baked cookies, clean air and her peach perfume oil. "We're going to play the game now."

I know the game, where I hide in the closets under the counters to scare Daddy. I've never done it at night though, and it scares me a bit. I hear the hummingbird beat of her heart under her skin, and I feel safe again. Mommy's gonna make it ok in the end.

I protest a bit when she sets me down to answer the closet door. She's pulling up something in the bottom, and there's a hole. Some of my stuffed animals are crammed into the hole, along with a blanket and pillow. This isn't right, as I've never hidden in a hole in the bottom.

"Mommy, I don't wanna." I protest, as she fits me into the space. It's surprisingly deep, as there's a lot of space around me.

"It's ok Rio, I promise. You hide in here, and Daddy will find you when he gets back." She covers me with the blanket, and smiles down at me. My eyes are heavy though, and I know not to waste the effort protesting. There's a soft thunk above me, as she fits the cover back over me. An even softer one follows, as she shuts the door.

It's dark down here, but warm, and I'm very tired. I drift off, before waking up again a bit later. I know that Mommy is very close, she's desperate, and something very bad is about to happen.

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