I Refuse To Fall, When They Still Exist

Rio has been hunting for angels since she can remember; travelling from state to state since she was born. When a shadowey succubus nearly takes away her breath, she has to fight to survive. And fight off her desires for the mysterious emo kid that helped her out.


13. Chapter 11

The sunlight crept in, and my arm was so heavy. Turning to my arm, I saw Belial was lying on it, completely out of it. His earring rested on his cheek; silver, to match the crucifix necklace, in a skull design.

I slid out from under Gran's quilt, trying not to disturb him. The makeshift tourniquet on his arm was crusted with dried blood from the gash, and the bruising from when he'd been thrown down was a dark purplish colour. The effects of the angel kiss should be taking effect by now, but he was still satisfyingly human.

What if he wakes up, then changes. You should have put a bullet in his brain.

I couldn't do it though; he's the closest thing to a friend I've got.

Well at least make sure that he won't throw you across the room when he gets up.

That was reasonable, I guess. Plus it's reversible, unlike giving him a head full of lead.

I went into Dad's room, and came back with some lengths of nylon rope. Good for rappelling, an emergency quick-fix for a broken truck door, and incidentally, for tying down a kid who just might turn into an angel. I came back with my goods, and noticed a problem. What was I going to tie him to? The mattress? Fine time to wish I had a four-poster.

First I got his wrists, securing them with a bowline. The bowline is brilliant for tying someone down (it's used for climbing harnesses) as it gets tighter the more you pull. I slowly eased his arms above his head, then bowlined it to the bed frame. I repeated the process with his ankles, so he looked like a medieval prisoner on the rack. If he had to use the bathroom, he was out of luck. I can buy a new mattress, but not a new backbone.

I didn't have time for a shower, but clean clothes and a washed face will do wonders for anyone's mood. My hair had frizzed again, partly from being used to the heat of the deep south, and partly because of the thick sweatshirt I'd just pulled on, so I looked like the Bride of Frankenstein, but without the cool white zig-zags.

That made me think of the angel with the pink streaks, so I quickly shut my imagination up. The reality is just as disturbing as the recall. I had things to do anyway, so I couldn't let my imagination hold me back.

I padded downstairs, skirting around the pile of clothes and dark stain on the laminite that was Dad. He'd decomposed really quickly, but he still deserved a burial. I crossed through into the kitchen, then into the garage. There had to be something in here that would be good.

My scrounger's luck was in, as I'd found some plywood and an old blanket I could use. I arranged the boards and blanket in layers, to maximise insulation, before duct-taping the whole thing to the back door. That ought to keep the cold out, and the heat in.

I took the gun from yesterday and racked in another clip, on the theory that it's better to have a full one than a half-empty one. It was a good gun, and well used. I didn't want to think about what I might have to do with it next, if it came to it. Distracting myself, I went upstairs to sort a few things out , like getting Dad's contact book. His kill book would be in the truck, which I really need to find, but contacts were always kept seperate.

Halfway up the stairs, I heard the startled yelp from my room. Belial was awake, and I'd probably have a lot of explaining to do.

I went into my room, where he was tied. He turned his head towards me, raised one eyebrow, and said the last thing I'd have expected from a kid who'd been tied down.

"I never figured you for the bondage type."

Well at least he's seeing the funny side of it. "How the fuck am I supposed to piss?" He added.

I clicked the safety catch off, and he saw I wasn't joking. "I'm going to ask you a few questions. If you answer them right, then I'll cut you free. Understand?"

"You won't...you're not gonna shoot me, are you?"

He understood. "First, that necklace. Is it silver?" I asked, pointing at it with the gun. Angels have a really bad reaction to silver, a bit like werewolves do.

"I dunno; the guy who sold it to me said it was. Same with my earring. You won't shoot me, will you Rio?"

Hopefully not. "Do you know what that symbol means?" I asked, not moving the gun from his chest.

"Hell no. People leave me alone if they think I'm into that sorta shit."

That was a good sign, unless he was lying to me. Didn't seem that way though. "Your nickname, do you know what it means if you say it?" I asked, moving the gun to his head. He was genuinely scared now, as his eyes had gotten really big again.

"No. I just heard it on an episode of Paranormal State, and it sounded pretty cool. What about it?" He asked.

"If you say it, bad shit happens. I'm talking bad enough for the burning bear incident to look like a walk in the park, that's what. It's the name of a Biblical demon, the Trickster Prince and Lord of Rape. Moral of the story, don't say it. Ok?"

He nodded weakly, not taking his eyes off the gun. I'd scared the shit out of him with that. "Next question, and answer it carefully. Do you believe in the paranormal?"

"No, well, I don't know! I mean, I've seen all the paranormal TV showsand all, but I think it's just bullshit. I've never used an Ouija board before, if that's what you're asking. You won't shoot me, will you?"

Can't answer that one yet, but you gave the right answer. At least I think you have, as I don't know what someone from the True world might say. "Last question. Answer this right, and I'll cut you free." This was the clincher. He said the right thing, which I knew, and he was definitely safe. "Are you a virgin?"

"What? What kind of a question is that?" He asked, still focussing on the gun.

"Just answer it!" I barked, but he was staying quiet.

"Son of a bitch, ANSWER ME!" I'd put the barrel of the gun to his temple now, with my fingers outside the trigger guard. Too many accidents have happened for me to take the risk.

"Yes, I'm a fucking virgin. Don't fucking shoot me!"

He'd done it. he'd answered all the questions. "Alright, now hold still so I can cut you free." I undid the bowlines around his ankles, then the ones around his wrists. He was nearly a nervous wreck, whimpering like a dog caught between terror and outright peeing itself with fear. The gun to the temple was a bit too much.


"Just leave me alone!" He snapped, cutting off my apology. He'd gone from terrified to pissed off in a really quick time.


"I said leave me the fuck alone!"

Just leave him Rio. You can apologise later.

I turned and left him, shook up from the experience.

Better that than dead, don't you agree?

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