The Twilight Circle

Olathe is a werewolf, and a damn pretty one, too (On the front cover :P). Her name actually means beautiful. But when she meets a stranger, her life begins to stir up. Things are turned upside down! In this crazy life of hers, four men are each fighting for the right to claim her as their own. Some girls would dream of this; but circumstances are not on Olathe's side.
~The first compelling novel in the Grey Wolves series~


3. Transforming

Transforming was quick and simple, and I didn't feel a thing. I watched as my legs became shorter, and my arms became a little longer. I glanced behind me as I felt extra weight where there wasn't before, watching as my skin stretched and bone grew to form a tail. Surprisingly, I still had colour sight. I can honestly say I didn't think I would.

As the transformation finished, I looked over myself. I had a thin, sleek torso, and a long plume of a tail behind me. I had small paws to match my petite figure. My fur, as I had guessed, was raven-black, just like my hair was when I was human. My eyes were still ice blue, but they were probably glowing. Considering the appreciative look on my mother's face as she looked me up and down, I probably looked beautiful.

Then I glanced at Desdemona. I had to do a double-take to process how she looked. Desdemona was a tall, mature-looking wolf. Nothing strange there. She had the same eyes as before. I always found her eyes strange, but nothing new. Her coat colour was fine, but... It was curly! It looked ridiculous!


It took all my strength not to laugh at poor Desdemona, and I caould see the other woman in the pack were trying not to laugh aswell.


After a while, all the woman went back to the fire. Desdemona and I had to wait.

We could hear the men gather at the fire as well, and Adonis' pacing.

Then, we were called out.


Of course, Desdemona rushed out of the forest first, obviously not realising how horrible she looked. I walked out at the same time as Adonis.

We both stopped dead in our tracks, checking eachother out.


Adonis had a tall, muscular build, and broad shoulders. His fur was chocolate brown, and when we made eye contact, I was lost in those amazing, dark brown eyes of his. Too bad they weren't glowing, like mine.

Finally breaking eye contact, we walked infront of the pack, side by side. Standing next to eachother as we were inspected, all eyes flew to me. There was something of awe sketched on everyone's faces. Guess I really am beautiful, human or not.




Adonis' POV


When I walked out of those trees, I stopped dead in my tracks, looking at the beauty infront of me.

Starting from the ground up, I looked over her small paws, which matched her small, delicate build perfectly. Her long, fluffy tail was wagging behind her in delight. Her long, silky, raven-black fur looked radiant in the dim firelight. But her eyes caught my attention. Her beautiful, glowing, ice blue eyes full of affection. For me. I couldn't help feeling giddy. Finally breaking eye contact, we walked towards the rest of the pack side by side, in comfortable silence. I swear when we stopped moving, everyone turned their attention on Olathe, an expression of awe on their faces. Beauty beyond belief.

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