The Twilight Circle

Olathe is a werewolf, and a damn pretty one, too (On the front cover :P). Her name actually means beautiful. But when she meets a stranger, her life begins to stir up. Things are turned upside down! In this crazy life of hers, four men are each fighting for the right to claim her as their own. Some girls would dream of this; but circumstances are not on Olathe's side.
~The first compelling novel in the Grey Wolves series~


22. Side Notes And Info

Hello my precious pups!


I thank you for the likes and favourites on The Twilight Circle! Sadly, the book has come to an end. Keep a look out for the second book, which will also have a wolf as the front cover! |D

I also would probably have written in the discription that it is part of the Grey Wolves series.

Thank you for reading; I hope you enjoyed!


FallenOne, xoxo


On a lighter note, the second book is out! :D It's called Leaders Of The Pack, and has Faolan on the cover!

Happy reading~

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