The Twilight Circle

Olathe is a werewolf, and a damn pretty one, too (On the front cover :P). Her name actually means beautiful. But when she meets a stranger, her life begins to stir up. Things are turned upside down! In this crazy life of hers, four men are each fighting for the right to claim her as their own. Some girls would dream of this; but circumstances are not on Olathe's side.
~The first compelling novel in the Grey Wolves series~


12. "Nutcase!"

I strut towards my locker, smiling and waving at people as I do so. I know everyone in my year level, and me and Lucy know some of the older guys, as well. I grin at George, a very attractive year eleven if I do say so myself, pretends to fallk into his group of friends when he sees me. I laugh, smile, and wave at him too.


When I get to my locker, I twist the dial around 'til I get my answer.


I grin at how simple my code is. My lock opens with a click, and I open my locker door. My eyes stop at a small, white note, that someone's shoved underneath the door. Grabbing it, I open the folded white sheet.

"Hey, it's me, Taylor.

Meet me on the roof after school."

I let a small gasp escape my lips, and my hand covers my mouth. Taylor is my ex. I dated him to see if Adonis would care, and it turned out he did. So now, Taylor keeps wanting secret meetings with me on the roof. He'd always make a move on me, and I'd reject him, but I'd go up and meet him anyway. He's been acting stranger since a few weeks ago, and I don't know why.


I close my eyes tightly, and shake my head. Scrunching up the note, I put my bag in my locker and glance at the timetable I've stuck on my locker door. Art and music. I pull out my music book, pencil case, diary and arts kit, and close my locker. I then sit on the bench where I usually wait for Lucy.

A whole group of people come over and talk to me.


"Hey guys, what's up?" I ask, smiling brightly at them.

"My mum confiscated my iPod." Mutters a girl named Ashley.


"I got an F in Geography."

"Suffer!" I poke my tongue out teasingly, and Ashley puts on a mock-hurt expression. We laugh. I girl named Talia speaks up next.

"Ha. My sister got in trouble for something I did."

"Why?" "She called me aboriginal and I threw an apple at her face."

I snort. "Did you get into trouble?"

"No. My sister only told my mum half the story, that I threw an apple at her face, and I got away with it when I told my mum she called me aboriginal. My grandma was disgusted in my sister."

"Isn't that a bit racist?" I ask. Talia just shrugs.


"What're you guys talking about?" Lucy strolls in next to me.

"An apple being thrown at someone's face." I say, my face solemn. I can't wipe the small grin off my face, though. Lucy laughs, and stands up.

"The bells about to go." She says.

"How do y-" I begin, but I'm cut off by the bell.

Lucy grins wickedly at me. "Told you."




After all our classes end, I walk with Lucy up to the roof. Lucy's practically hidden, just in case something happens.

Taylor walks through the door. "What's up?" I ask.


He keeps walking silently towards me, and stops just infront of me. I take a step back. He steps forwards. Step back, step forward. This continues until my back hits the mesh behind me. "Taylor!" I hiss. "Enough of this stupid game!"

He grins wickedly, murderously at me. "Oh," He says, "This is far from being a game, Olathe."

No sooner do I see the shining silver in his hand before he raises it. I scream and jerk myself to the left, but not before the knife comes down on my arm. It cuts pretty deep, for a blunt knife. I shriek, and so does Lucy. She swings open the door for me and  we both run. Taylor's steps thunder behind us. "NUTCASE!" I scream. "SOMEBODY! HELP US!"


Tears are streaming down my face as we run through the school gates. A few kids are loitering around at this point, and some of the guys get one good look at my arm and come to help. George is one of them. "What happened?!" He asked, obviously panicked.

"It's Taylor!" I cried, "He's nuts!"

Instantly George's face hardens. His eyes flicker to a parked car, and he's pushed us behind it, just as Taylor bursts through the door.

His knife raised, Taylor stabs everyone who gets in his way while he's looking for us, even while they're running. Both me and Lucy cry harder, seeing this.

He's stabbing inocent people.

He's targetting everyone.

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