The Twilight Circle

Olathe is a werewolf, and a damn pretty one, too (On the front cover :P). Her name actually means beautiful. But when she meets a stranger, her life begins to stir up. Things are turned upside down! In this crazy life of hers, four men are each fighting for the right to claim her as their own. Some girls would dream of this; but circumstances are not on Olathe's side.
~The first compelling novel in the Grey Wolves series~


20. Found You

"Dante!" I shriek, my eyes searching frantically for a sign that he's around. I'm rewarded with a silence that makes my heart sink. I'm frantically searching now, my fingers raking through the leaves and branches, as my widened eyes dart from side to side, up and down, for the man who was supposed to keep his promise.

He had kept it; he was taken from me.


I lose my resolve, strip, and shift, my wolf form bursting through. My ears perk, and my nose hits the ground, as I search for Dante's scent.

I dip my nose into the bloodied pile of leaves under my feet; this was here for no longer than an hour. I quietly followed the trail, my paws softly crunching on the Autumn leaves.

My stomach drops as a familiar scent crosses my nose. More than one, actually.

The pack found him.


I sprint, running as quickly as my short, slender legs would take me, my petite frame stretching to it's maximum. I have to get there in time, I have to get there in time, I have to get there in time! I squint, the wind making it hard for me to keep my eyes open.


My heart leaps into my throat as I catch a sight I did not want to see.


On the ground.



"No!" I whimper as I leap infront of his human form, my human packmates standing over me like strict parents would to a naughty three year old.

"Olathe-" A soft voice breaks through my walls, placing a gentle hand on my shoulder. My head whips around, my glowing ice blue eyes locking on to the chocolate brown eyes of the man I was once in love with.

I stare up at Adonis' face, his eyes kind, but accusing. "Move, Olathe."


His words make me growl loudly. Adonis removes his hand from my shoulder and steps back. I stand protectively over Dante's unconcious body. Meanwhile, my thoughts rage.

How dare he! I think, How dare he think he can order around the daughter of the Alphas! My growls become louder. Adonis finally realises his mistake, and dips his head. "... I'm sorry."

I stop my unpleasant growling, and stare up at the other's who have accompanied him on this hunt for Dante.


I see older men from the pack, and a younger boy, probably around twenty five or so.

"Do not harm this man." My body twitches, my movements conveying my words.

"We can't understand you, miss." An elder tells me. I snort, flatten my ears, and briefly glance in the direction of my clothes, before looking at the ground. I clear the leaves infront of me, leaving only dirt. Using one talon, I carve my sentence into the dirt.

"If I come back and find this man with any more injuries,

there will be punishment. Do not harm this man any further."

I think my words were clear enough, because the men nodded. I shook my head, and padded off towards the place my clothes were left in my haste.


I've returned to the site were some of the males in my pack have left poor Dante. After assessing him, finally satisfied, I let him be.

I stand infront of the members in my pack, cross my arms over my chest, and wait for them to throw excuses.


"Now, explain."

"He was in our territory, miss." One of the elder wolves begins confidently, proudly. He must have been the one who sniffed poor Dante out.

"Did you even think to ask him why?" I ask, my gaze level. The man's face falls as he answers.

"No..." He murmurs quietly. Both my gaze and my words sharpen.

"I asked him to meet me there, literally, right there, for reasons you do not need to know." I say, matter-of-factly. Every single one of them exchange looks, glancing between Dante and I. Adonis looks hurt. I furrow my brow and glare. "No! Nothing like that!" I shout, blushing slightly. When I glance at Adonis again, he looks relieved. How could I possibly think of that after finding Faolan? I think, sighing, and shaking my head. Guilt runs through me, but I push it aside, for now.

Our conversation is interupted by a muffled groan.


I turn around, and kneel next to Dante's now concious body. "Dante? How are you feeling?" I ask quietly. Immediately, Dante tenses. He looks up at my face, his gaze hard, and frightened. He then glances at the men that took a cheap shot. "Dante, relax. They won't hurt you. If they do, they'll have me to answer to." I give my pack members pointed glares. They all cast their gaze downward.

I help Dante up, and let him lean on my shoulder, until Adonis and the twenty-something year old take him instead. I'll remember their names later... I think. Dante seems rigid; he certainly doesn't trust these two. But he trusts me. "Don't worry about your wounds- they'll heal quickly." I murmur reassuringly. Dante smiles, and I wince; his lips are cracked. But they're slowly healing- it's in our genes that we heal much faster than a normal human. Already I can see his bruises are fading. With a sigh, and a few stubborn words, Dante stands on his own.

Then, there's a sickening crack, and Dante doubles over, cursing. I squat, and look up at him. His jaw must have been broken- it's clicked back into place. "... Let me see." I tell him, placing a hand under his jaw. I sigh, and kiss it softly. I can hear Adonis' knuckles crack as he clenches his fists in raw jealousy. "There- happy?" Dante's face brightens.


The air suddenly becomes tense, and I freeze. Then a familiar voice comes from behind me. A voice that sends my world plummeting to the ground.

"Found you, my love. You broke your promise."

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