The Twilight Circle

Olathe is a werewolf, and a damn pretty one, too (On the front cover :P). Her name actually means beautiful. But when she meets a stranger, her life begins to stir up. Things are turned upside down! In this crazy life of hers, four men are each fighting for the right to claim her as their own. Some girls would dream of this; but circumstances are not on Olathe's side.
~The first compelling novel in the Grey Wolves series~


17. Claimed

My whole body tences at Faolan's last sentence. I stare at the ground in pure shock. My Luna...? I think, and anger threatens to boil again. My Luna? My Luna?! I open my mouth to shout, and everyone visibly winces- But I stop myself. I take a breath, and force myself to speak politely. "Why am I 'your' Luna?" I ask.

Luna means moon in Romanian, and it is the name a male alpha will call his mate, as the moon is beautiful and powerful. The problem is, I am not Faolan's mate.


Faolan has a gaurded expression. I can't read him. The only emotions I'm feeling are both anger and confusion. He puts a gentle hand on my arm, and my anger instantly defuses. My confusion clears, and my face becomes one of horror.



I turn and run, my feet moving faster than they've ever moved before. I was tapping into my werewolf speed. I broke out of the circle of werewolves, and ran deeper into the forest, the scenery becoming a blur. I could hear footsteps catching up behind me, someone obviously much faster than me. Once again, Faolan holds me tight as we tumble together. I bite my lip as we crash into quite a few things.

We finally come to a stop. I groan, my whole body aching. Faolan's head is on my shoulder, and he's looking up at me. Then he speaks so softly I'm afraid I'm imagining it. "Olathe, you should have realised by now, but we're-"

"Don't." I cut him off. "Don't say it, just-"


"Olathe, we're soulmates."

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