The Twilight Circle

Olathe is a werewolf, and a damn pretty one, too (On the front cover :P). Her name actually means beautiful. But when she meets a stranger, her life begins to stir up. Things are turned upside down! In this crazy life of hers, four men are each fighting for the right to claim her as their own. Some girls would dream of this; but circumstances are not on Olathe's side.
~The first compelling novel in the Grey Wolves series~


21. Battle For Love; Final Chapter

Both my brain and heart stopped working. The world went quiet. I could only hear the pulsing of my blood in my ears. I felt my face hit the ground, though don't remember falling. My breathing is quick and shallow, my heart beating so rapidly I'm afraid it's going to rip through my chest.

Taylor. Taylor. Taylor.

Taylor. Taylor...


Without me realising it, I scream. Taylor cackles. "Aww, that's no way to react to your boyfriend, my love." I sit up in the leaves. Adonis' face has hardened, and his jaw is clenched. Dante looks about the same.

"Don't touch her, you psychopath!" Adonis growls. Dante remains silent, though.

"Psychopath? Psychopath?!" Taylor laughs manically, a wicked grin speading across his usually mysterious features. "I passed psychopath long before I found my little Olathe." I grit my teeth. "Oh, she can scream and run, but I know she loves me."

I stand in pure hatred, and spit at Taylor, that filthy mongrel not yet close enough for my spit to hit him. "Now, now, my love, it will all be over soon. We'll be back together soon, not much longer now. Be patient, my darling." Taylor was gazing at me like I was steak on a silver platter. It made me sick.


"You son of a bitch!" Adonis cried out, rushing forward, using his werewolf speed to help him. Surprisingly, Taylor slips out of the way.

"Oh, puppies!" He cries, like it's a gift for Christmas. "I'll be killing puppies!"

Dante's eyes widen. "You sick bastard of a bat! He's a fucking vampire!" I freeze.

Another manical laugh from Taylor, and he and Adonis start fighting again. Taylor is stronger than Adonis, and has him pinned, silver blade at the ready. "It's silver!" I screech.

Silver, a werewolf's worst nightmare.


Dante growls loudly, and leaps on to Taylor's back, but not before he stabs Adonis in the shoulder, the blade slicing through flesh and muscle like it was butter. Adonis cried out in pain, while he writhed on the forest floor, arching his back and pedalling his feet, his eyes shut tight and his teeth gritted.

'Faolan!' I call through telepathy, my last resort, 'Bring dad- we need help, and fast!'

Even my thoughts are panicked. I glance back at the werewolves whos names I don't now. "Help them!" I growl, and watch as the twenty five year old dives into the action, helping Dante to defeat the evil demon that stabbed Adonis. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. I think, as the older men launch themselves...

Away from the scene of the battle. "Cowards!" I shriek.


Taylor is putting up a good fight, even against two werewolves. I rush over to Adonis, and bite down on my wrist, creating a small amount of blood flow. I let the droplets of blood flow into Adonis' cut. Adonis stops writhing, but instead pants heavily, like he hasn't had air in more than a few minutes. Tears of relief burn my eyes, and I glance back at the battle.

Taylor has pushed off Dante, and the twenty five year old is fighting him alone. Eventually, Taylor has him pinned. "NO!" I shriek, as the dagger comes down, slitting the poor boy's throat.


Then Dante springs up again, tackling Taylor before he begins to walk my way. The two are tumbling, rolling through the leaves. They are evenly matched, Taylor and Dante. "Oh," Taylor grunts through gritted teeth, "an exile."

I should care about that, but it doesn't matter now.


"Olathe!" A familiar voice breaks me out of my trance, and my heart thuds in my chest.

"Faolan! Dad!"

The two of them appear before me. I stare at them both. "Taylor is a freaking vampire, and an absolute nut job! Help kill him!" I shriek, my eyes pleading with my words. Faolan imediately helps Dante.

Faolan is stronger than Dante, yet silver is every werewolf's weakness. Taylor raises the knife again.

Faster than ever before, I change, my clothes shredding around my body in a flutter of black fabric. I growl, my ice blue eyes glowing like blue fire.


Without second thought, I run with Faolan's human form, and jump towards my victim, biting down on Taylor's leg, closing my jaws tightly around the bone. Taylor cries out in agony, and falls back. I release myself from his dispicable flesh, and watch as purple, thick, paint-like blood drips from the wound I inflicted.

Taylor can't stand; this gives my father an opening as Dante and Faolan pin down Taylor's body. My dad shifts, his red-brown wolf fur and bloodstained chest replacing his shirt and pants. His blood red eyes lock on their target; a helpless monster with no pulse. With a sickening crack, my dad bites down on Taylor's neck, and twists to the side, snapping the cord to his brain. Taylor stops moving, his eyes clouding over.


We're all panting heavily. That's it. It's over. He's dead. I think, tears welling in my glowing ice blue eyes. Looking around, I realise everyone's transformed.

I look over my dad's, ad Adonis' wolves, recognisable and familiar. But the two wolves of Dante and Faolan catch my eye, as they are foreign to me.

Dante has glowing, forest green eyes, with a long, shabby white coat and lean body frame. His thin muzzle and small eyes give him an air of mystery. Small, rounded paws, and a thin, flag-like tail match in an oddly comforting way.

Faolan's appearance makes my heart lurch with a new, confusing recognition. His one blue eye, and one green watch me with the same gaze of mixed love and lust. They glow brightly, power and dominance hidden behind his calm, collected gaze. His fur is a pale brown, long and wavy in a beautiful mix. A well-built torso with lean legs, and a long, slim muzzle and large, pointed ears.


My dad catches our attention. Silent words of wisdom seem to pass between Faolan and my father; they realise what they have to do. As the alpha's of two different packs, the raise their heads in unison, and let out a howl, mighty and victorious. Dante and Adonis join, and my musical, feminine voice finishes the sorrowful chorus of our heart songs, the music that only the rising moon can bear proudly in it's mighty wake.

These are the songs of the Twilight Circle,

Straight from the hearts of the wolves united!

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