That One Night

There's always that night that you look forward too. That one night where everything has to go perfect. For me, that night is prom. It's our only night where it doesn't matter who you are, or what you've done. It's our only night to be who you are. But could meeting someone famous get in the way on that one night?


7. Chapter 7

I sat in the chair whilst a woman called Lou was making my face up. She'd told me that I had naturally pretty features and didn't need much makeup so I let her do her job as she brushed and dabbed at my face. I couldn't believe Harry was making me do this! I'll NEVER forget this and he owes big time! After my face Lou also curled my long hair slightly so it framed my face nicely in big waves.

"Right I'm done," she said, "please can you go to wardrobe? And don't worry sweetie, you look beautiful." I gave her my cheesiest and she smiled as I left.


So I went to the stylist and it was a woman called Chantelle. She told me the concept of what she was going to dress me in and as we looked around the massive wardrobe I was shocked about how many nice clothes there were. But the dress that she picked out for me was beyond compare. She helped me get into it and turned me to face the mirror. I gasped loudly.

The dress was floor length, with a huge slit up the side. It was emerald green, which matched my eyes well, making them stand out more. My long ringlets of hair fell to the middle of my bare back because the dress was cut away at the back. It made my legs look even longer and my body leaner. I turned to Chantelle as she slipped some high heeled shoes on that weren't that big that I was taller than everyone, but they added a bit of height to me.

"You're ready to go beautiful," she said to me. I gave her a massive hug, thanked her and she told me where I had to go. Whilst I was walking there, everyone's heads turned to look at me. This is what I was worried about. Looking like a fool. I walked quicker and once I got on set I saw Harry and the boys recording some stuff. They all looked really smart wearing tuxedos and Harry was wearing his signature bow tie.

"Cut!" the director shouted. Harry started to talk to Louis so I walked further onto the set. I started to hear wolf whistles which made my cheeks blush. And then the boys turned to look at me. All they did was stare at me. I don't know how long it was before the director walked over to me.

"Wow hunny, I'm your director Ben, and you look stunning," he said giving me a wink. By then Harry was by my side, with his hand around my waist.

"Hey back off Ben," he said playfully. "She's mine," he whispered into my ear. I giggled and felt the butterflies in my belly flying around.

"Well you know that this is the set for the music video for Stand Up," Ben told me. I loved this song so much and it had to be one of my favourites. I looked around the set properly. It was set at some kind of dance, with a huge disco ball in the middle and a stage at the front. There were more extras like me milling around the outside, all staring at me and the boys.

"So what I want you to do sweetheart is you're Harry's girl in this. Liam yours is Danielle, Niall yours is Annabel, Zayn yours is Harriet and Louis yours is Eleanor." Ben carried on. At that moment four of the most beautiful girls walked over to us and the boys.

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