That One Night

There's always that night that you look forward too. That one night where everything has to go perfect. For me, that night is prom. It's our only night where it doesn't matter who you are, or what you've done. It's our only night to be who you are. But could meeting someone famous get in the way on that one night?


5. Chapter 5


I looked at Sarah and I knew I couldn't just leave her like this. She had to know what was going on. Me and the boys had all decided that she was good for Harry and we all liked her already. She was different than the others he had brought home before. I offered to walk her home, and she nodded, wiping her tears. *SARAH'S POV*

It was nice to be outside. I let the breeze fly threw my hair and it made me feel refreshed. I looked at Liam and he had his head down, with his cap and shades on.

"So I guess we kind of owe you an explanation," he said, sensing I was looking at him.

"Yes you do," I replied back. He exhaled slowly, thinking of way to put me down.

"Let's start at the beginning. You're obviously a fan of One Direction, so you know that Harry is somewhat of a ladies’ man," he looked at me for confirmation. I nodded slowly. "Well he was always bringing girls back and then not seeing them again. They would send stories to the press about their relationships and spread bad stuff about Harry, so management wanted to stop that." I started to feel sick but I nodded for Liam to carry on. "They introduced Lara to Harry, and told him what she was there for. So Harry being Harry didn't say no. But then he started to change his mind. He tells us that she's controlling and clingy, and Harry hates being in that relationship."

"So why can't he just end it?" I asked.

"It's umm....." he started.

"Complicated," I finished for him. He gave me an apologetic look. I looked up and we were finally outside my villa. "This is me, would you like to come in? My little sister would love to meet you," I asked. He just smiled at me.


I opened the front door and yelled "I’m home! Abi come down here! There's someone to see you," I looked at Liam and he just laughed.

"Sarah what is it? I am a very busy person," she said walking down the stairs. As soon as she saw Liam she froze. You see my sister is only nine years old, but a massive One Direction fan, one of the only things we have in common. Abi let out a piercing scream. Liam covered his ears, but I just laughed. I was used to it.

"Abi this is Liam..."

"PAYNE!" she finished my sentence. She ran straight for him with such force he nearly toppled over.

"Liam meet my little sister Abi, your biggest fan," I couldn't help but laugh as she started talking at the speed of light, asking him questions, then answering them before he could. I went to her and grabbed the back of her top.

"Hey let me go," she shouted at me. I dragged her through to the kitchen where my mum looked at us in concern.

"What on earth..." she started when Liam walked through the door. Having two One Direction obsessed daughters, she knew vaguely who Liam was.

"Mum Liam, Liam Mum," I introduced.


Me and Liam were stood outside my villa after convincing my mum that Liam didn't want any tea with us.

"He does care about you Sarah," Liam said looking into my eyes.

"But what about Lara?" I asked him.

"I'm really sorry, I don't know the answer to that. You're going to have to talk to him," panic struck through me. How could I talk to him again? I just nodded. Liam enveloped me into a huge hug that made me immediately feel better. He felt like a big brother to me. When he'd walked off I went back inside to millions of questions from Abi and my mum. But I really didn't want to talk about it. I ran up the stairs and into my room. I looked around, staring at all the faces staring back at me. My posters of One Direction looked different to me somehow. They didn't give the real people any credit. They don't show the real colour of Harry's eyes or the impact of Louis' smile. I lay on my bed relaying today's events when my phone buzzed next to me. I opened the message and it was from Harry.

"I'm sorry about today, will you give me a chance to explain?"

I text back saying "Okay." I wasn't letting him off so easily.

"Meet me tomorrow?" he text back.

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