That One Night

There's always that night that you look forward too. That one night where everything has to go perfect. For me, that night is prom. It's our only night where it doesn't matter who you are, or what you've done. It's our only night to be who you are. But could meeting someone famous get in the way on that one night?


2. Chapter 2

I walked towards my favourite shopping mall when something on a newspaper stand caught my eye. It was a magazine with Harry's face on the front. I opened the pages and found a double page spread. Right in the middle was a picture of Harry with his arm around a girl, they were laughing and joking around. I started to feel sick. I read the headline. "Harry's new model girlfriend shows him a good time." The girl was Lara Tomkinson and she models for bikinis in fashion magazines. Why would Harry want anything to do with me when he has her? I couldn't read anymore. I threw the magazine back on the stand and power walked to the mall.


I hung up the phone and fell back onto my bed. I was surrounded by lots of bags with clothes in that I didn't even need anymore. I'd just come off the phone with Layla and told her everything, even the part about Lara. I wouldn't need these clothes because there was no way I could compete with a bikini model.

I got up and looked at myself in my mirror. I was a straight up and down girl. No hips or boobs. And I was tall. Taller than most of the boys I'd gone out with.

I grabbed my laptop and immediately searched Lara Tomkinson. A picture immediately popped up of a photo shoot. She had just the right amount of curves, and all in the right places. I clicked to the next picture and it was another of Harry and Lara. Why was I doing this to myself? I knew that if I met him I wouldn't mean anything to him. I was just a fan and that's all I'd ever be. Suddenly my phone beeped, telling me I had a message. My phone didn't recognise the number.

I opened the text; it said "Hey Sarah, its Harry. Just letting you know that we are flying out to Florida tomorrow. I hope I can see you still x"

Yeah right, I thought to myself. I rolled my eyes and threw my phone on the bed before I closed my bedroom door behind me.


I looked up into Harry's beautiful green eyes as he was singing his solo to me. When suddenly his face began to blur and I opened my eyes. I groaned loudly, annoyed at being woken up from my dream. I reached for my phone on my bedside table, still half asleep.

"Hello?" I said lazily.

"Sarah, are you okay?" Oh no! It was Harry. It had been a whole two days since I'd talked to Harry on the phone. He'd texted me, rang me, but I didn't want to see him. Not if he had Lara. So I'd ignored him. But now I couldn't.

"Err yeah I'm fine, just sleepy," I replied back.

"Have you not been getting my calls?" he asked me. I sat up in bed and exhaled deeply.

"Harry we need to talk."

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