That One Night

There's always that night that you look forward too. That one night where everything has to go perfect. For me, that night is prom. It's our only night where it doesn't matter who you are, or what you've done. It's our only night to be who you are. But could meeting someone famous get in the way on that one night?


15. Chapter 15

Chantelle started to walk over in her black boots, with a summer dress flowing around her. I hadn't really noticed before but she was a really pretty woman and I was starting to really like her.

"Hey do you want to come with me and we'll get this sorted out," she asked.

"Yeah sure," I replied. She started to walk out into the middle of the set, around the back of the couch and disappeared behind a curtain. Did she want me to follow? I couldn't walk out there. Harry and Lara would see me. I took a deep breath in, straightened my shorts and my blouse and started to walk straight into the set. No-one seemed to notice me until I got to the couch.

"Sarah?" Harry asked. I just turned to him, gave him my best smile and walked off to behind the curtain. That'll show him, I thought.


What was Sarah doing here? I'd been trying to get her out of my mind as much as possible recently, but I just couldn't. And seeing her in person made me worse. I'd forgotten how beautiful she was and how my heart starts racing when I see her smile. What am I going to do? I looked at Lara and she told me to focus on what was going on. The interviewer Colleen was sat opposite us getting ready to start the show. She introduced us and then started talking to us about the show. I felt nervous, even though I knew what I had to say. Me and Lara'd been over this loads of times. The girl in the video was just an extra because Lara couldn't make it at the time and that they were still happily together. I hated lying to the press and my fans but what else could I do?

"So Harry, we saw there was a new girl in the new video. New love interest by any chance?" Colleen asked me.

"Of course not, me and Lara are still happily together," I answered quickly. I started fidgeting and Colleen picked up on that.

"But you've been pictured with her going into your hotel and in your car, can you explain that?" she asked me. My palms started sweating. I looked over to Lara but she wasn't there anymore. There was Sarah, stood in her place.

"Sarah is just a friend, from my childhood," I said loud and clear. Sarah face dropped and my heart broke.


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