A Dream to Reality

A girl called Isabell who thought she would never get to meat one direction gets more than what she wished for when she gets pulled on stage be Harry <3


7. I Knew This Would Last Forever

Isabells AOV:

We got back to his house and he sat in his room. It was 1:45am on the clock and neither of us were tired. We talked and talked for hours with no loss of subject. It was so amazing how we could just think of something to talk about so easily. I felt so comforable around him by now and I told him everything there was to know about me and so did he. I knew this would last forever.



Harrys AOV:

   "You're so beautiful," I said to her smiling.

She smiled at the ground like it was a lie.

   "You don't know you're beautiful," I said lifting her head with my hand.


We both laught at the fact that I took a line from my song and she sung along. That was so cheesy, but she was okay with it. We then started to sing that song and it was great to see her enjoying herself. SHe was so cute.

We finally finished the song and I lean't over and kissed her very passionatly. Like always, she kissed me back. We led down cuddling eachother and by then I realised "We're going to last forever,"

   She smiled and kissed my cheek and we fell asleep.

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