A Dream to Reality

A girl called Isabell who thought she would never get to meat one direction gets more than what she wished for when she gets pulled on stage be Harry <3


2. Day Before The Concert

Harrys AOV:

   "What's wrong Harry?" asked Liam.

   "I just can't help but want a girl that doesn't want me for my looks or for fame. I want someone that likes me for me, you know?" replied Harry.

   "Yeah, deffently, I already got me one of those." Liam giggled a bit. "Just don't beat yourself up about it yeah?"

   "Alright man, I'm sorry. I need to concentrate more on the concert for tomorrow night.'

I just really couldn't stop thinking about that one topic. If I will ever find a girl that loves me for me, It's just really hard when your famous.

   "Hey  boys, I just got a tweet on the One Direction fan page. From a girl called Isabell, 16 years old" said Naill.

   "What does it say?" asked Louis.

   "It says:

 Hey, One Direction.

I'm so excited for tomorrow night, your concert is gonna be amazing. I only found out yesterday that I can go and I have front row tickets! How great! I just want to say to you all that you are all amazing and you all have great tallent. You have all come a long way from when you started and I have kept up with all your tours and events. I would just like to mension one boy from the band who has really got into my heart and that is Harry Styles. Harry, if your reading this I would just like to comment on your AMAZING singing abilities and you bubbly personality from what I have seen in all your videos. I hope one day we meet, but that is wishing for too much. But anyway... Good luck for tomorrow. Hope it all goes well and I can't wait to hear you sing live.

Isabell xxx <3" Naill finally got that out with a big breath after it.


   "There you go Harry, theres a girl who likes you for you." said Liam.

   "She's very pretty too." said Louis.

   "Let me have a look," said Harry. WOW, she was beautiful and she was very kind too. This was my dream come true. I had to find her. Tomorrow at the concert I am deffently going to look out for that girl in the front row.



Isabells AOV:

   "What do you think I should wear for tomorrow? I don't want to seem to obsest by wearing a One Direction shirt, but I don't want to seam not interested." I asked Estelle.

She walked past me to the wardrobe and pulled out some very pretty peach jeans and a woolen jumper.

   "I could never live without you" I smiled.

   "I know!" Estelle giggled.

   "So I wonder if they got my letter I sent them on twitter." I said

   "Hopefully, I wonder what Harry would have to say about it if he sees it. He would be dying to meet you." laughted Estelle.

   "Oh gosh, I highly doubt that. He probably gets 100 messages a day, he probably doesn't have time to wonder about the girl who sent it." I said, pushing Estelle to the floor playfully.




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