A Dream to Reality

A girl called Isabell who thought she would never get to meat one direction gets more than what she wished for when she gets pulled on stage be Harry <3


3. At The Concert

Isabells AOV:

Estelle and I arrived and the ticket box to show our tickets so we could go inside to the concert hall. We were so excited, we thought it was all a dream. The concert started and it was so amazing. I couldn't help but notice Harry kept looking at me like he recognised me. It was a great fealing when he looked at me, like he knew who I was and I was special to him.

   "THIS IS GREAT" Estelle shouted over the music.

   "I KNOW! IT'S AMAZING" I replied.

They sang all their top hit songs from 'Up All Night' to 'What Makes you Beautiful'. They sang them so well, especially Harry. I was blushing at one point for no apparent reason.

   "WHY ARE YOU BLUSHING?" smiled Estelle.

   "I THINK HARRY KEEPS LOOKING AT ME" I said to her, really loud so she could hear me.


Although she was joking, I can't help but think that's true. Maybe he does recognise me, but I probably shouldn't get my hopes up. I kept dancing and singing along and had a great time.


Harrys AOV:

There she is! It's really her. Isabell... She's so amazing. I want to talk to her, but now is my only chance because I might lose her in the crowd at the end of the concert. How am I gonna do this

It got to the point were we talk to the crowd. I had a plan, I turned all the boys around to talk to them.

   "I see Isabell, but nows my only chance boys," I said.

   "Go for it harry" Zayn said.



Isabells AOV:

It got to the point in the concert were the boys talk to the crowd, but something weird happened. Harry wanted to talk to all the boys, so he turned them all around and told them something. The crowd couldn't hear any of it. When the boys finished talking, Harry wanted to say something.

   "I have something to say" Harry said. "I need to call someone up on stage that I think is a very beautiful and repecting girl. Isabell? Front row?"

He held his hand down to me and pulled me on stage. It's was so romantic, yet very embarrassing.

   "I got your letter, it was amazing. Nobody has every said that about me. All the other girl fans have just said how good looking i am" he said to me, but nobody in the crowd could hear him.

  "Well, you are also good looking" I commented

  "why thank you gorgeous." he said smiling at me and coming closer to me.

His romantic green eyes looking down on me just took my breath away. My dream was to meet Harry, let alone be flirting with him on stage.

The boys started to sing a love song and Harry started to slow dance with me. His hands on my waist and my hands rapped around him. My head was leaning on his chest. It was so wonderful. I couldn't believe it, was this a dream?

   "Meet me in my change room at the end of the concert. Okay?" asked Harry

   "Deffently. I wouldn't miss that oppertunity for the world," I answered back.

   "Great, I will let you get back to the concert then," He smirked.

He shot me a wink with his amazing green eyes and put me back in the crown. Then they started to sing 'I Should Have Kissed You'. He wouldn't stop looking at me, it was so fantasizing.

   "WHAT JUST HAPPENED THERE!!" Estelle screamed with happiness and shock.



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