A Dream to Reality

A girl called Isabell who thought she would never get to meat one direction gets more than what she wished for when she gets pulled on stage be Harry <3


4. After The Show

Isabells AOV:

After the show I told Estelle that I would catch the train home and that she didn't have to wait up. So she left and I walked towards to change rooms, then a security guard stopped me,

   "sorry, your not allowed down here," he said in a deep voice.

   "But I'm meeting Harry. He wants me to," I said in a worried voice.

OH NO, I'm going to have to leave without seeing Harry again.

   "That's what they all say. Now go please," he commanded.

I started to turn around when I heard a voice.  

   "Let her through Jim," said a voice I recognised.

I turned around and Harry was standing their, gestering for me to come to him.

   "Oh, I oplogise, I didn't know," the sercurity guard said.

   "It's okay, atleast I know now that your good at your job" laughed Harry. I joined in laughing.

He opened the door to his change room and let me in.

   "So, Isabell," said harry at the other side of the room pouring  two glasses of water.

   "yes?" I asked.

   "I really did love that letter you wrote," he said, with his beautiful lips.

I just wanted to run up to him and kiss him.



Harrys AOV:

I just want to run up to her and kiss her. She is so beautiful.

    "How about me and you watch a movie at my house?" I asked her.

It was a big offer to ask, but I thought I should just go for it.

   "Deffently!" Isabell replied

WOW, she said yes. I think she is the one. I moved closer to her now, passing her some water. She took a drink then put it down on the table and moved even closer to me. We were staring into eachothers eyes, it was silent for a while, but a good kind of silent. Her eyes were so beautiful, a bright crystal blue. I though i should just kiss her on the cheek, because kissing her on the lips might be too sudden. I went in to kiss her on the cheek, but she moving and put her lips on mine. It was great, I now knew she was deffently interested in me. We kissed again, very passionatly. It was unbelievable.

   "Lets go," I said, grabbing her hand pulled her out the door.

   "great," she giggled

   "What's so funny?" I smiled

   "Your amazing. I think this is a dream. This can't be happening to me." She said

I picked her up in my arms and carried her out.

   "Oh, trust me, this isn't a dream...and it IS happening to you," I laughed





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