A Dream to Reality

A girl called Isabell who thought she would never get to meat one direction gets more than what she wished for when she gets pulled on stage be Harry <3


5. A Kiss To Last Forever

Isabells AOV:

We got to Harry's house. It was such a beautiful house.

   "Here we are," Harry said, as he opened the door for me.

   "WOW! So big and so beautiful," I said to him smiling.

   "HARRY?" a voice came from the kitchen.

Out came a beautiful woman, she looked like Harry.

   "Hi mum," said Harry "This is Isabell, my...friend"

Not for long, I was thinking. We kissed, it's going to be more than friendship, but I can understand why he said that to his mum.

   "WOW, you are a beautiful young girl," She said to me "Hi my name is Anne."

She had such a wonderful voice. I started to blush at the fact that she called me beautiful. I wasn't beautiful at all.

   "Mum? Your so embarrassing," laughed Harry. He smiled at me and I smiled back. "We are just going to watch a movie, so please don't interupt us mum?"

   "Okay, you won't hear a word from me," she winked at Harry.

I knew she knew I liked him, mothers instinct. I laught to myself at that thought.

   "What?" Harry smiled.

I didn't want to say what I was thinking because that would be weird, so i just said "I really like you."

He smiled and kissed me ont he cheek "I really like you too" I giggled.

   "I love your laugh. It's cute" He said to me, with him arm round me.

   "why thank you," she said, quoting him from the concert. He laughed

At this point we were in the living room. It was such a cozy room.



Harrys AOV:

I don't know if I should put a romantic movie on or a funny movie. I don't want to be too cheesy.

   "What movies you got?" She asked.

She came beside me at the movie rack. She leant against me and i put my arm around her.

   "Any movies that caught your eye?" I asked her.

   "YES! step up. I love that movie." She answered.

   "Really? me too!" I said with shock.

It's looking good up to now.

We watched the movie and it got quite late. She snuggled up on the couch and looked so adorable. I got on the couch and put my arms around her.

Half way through the movie her phone started to ring. I turned to her to see she was asleep, so I answered her phone for her.

   "Hello?" I answered

   "Hello, who is this?" Said a voice on the other end.

   "Hi, I'm Harry, Isabell is here, but she fell asleep watching a movie so I answered her phone for her," I said.

   "Okay, well I'm Sandra, her mum. It's a bit late so is she going to come home?" she asked

   "Oh, I'm  so sorry...ummhh. Maybe she can sleep the night, We have a guest room and a few extra clothes," I replied

   "Okay, can you get her to call me tomorrow? Thanks Cya" She said.

   "Sure, okay, bye" I hung up

I carried her to the guest room, but she woke when I put her down.

   "OMG! what time is it? I should get home," She said. She looked worried. 

   "shhh," I said stroking her cheek. "Your mum called so I answered. You can stay the night because it's too late to go home now. Is that okay with you?"

   "Ummhh, yeah okay," she said.

   "Here are some spare pyjyamas you can use, use that bathroom there. I will wait here." I said, helping her up.

   "Okay, thank you" She said, giving me a big hug.



Isabells AOV:

I can't believe it. I'm inlove with an awesome guy who is caring and loyal and romantic. I got the pyjyamas on quick so I wouldn't keep him waiting. I walked out and he had some sweatpanks and a shirt on.

   "I thought you said you would wait here for me, not get your pyjyamas on," I said playing around.

   "well I had the time, so I raced and got them on" he smiled and picked me up and placed me on the bed. "You should get some sleep,"

   "Okay, Thanks for letting me stay over." I said, and let over a kissed him softly on the lips. He pulled me in and kissed me even more. It was a kiss to last forever. It was so romantic.



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