Fallin So Fast

This story is about a girl, Mia... She's just a normal everyday girl... But the thing is her best friend is a part of One Direction! (not one of the boys)... And she helps Mia fall head over heels in love with the one and only Niall Horan...


3. Chapter 2

Chapter 2-

People gasped and others stuttered. Some people just stared in awe. But when one person finally said One Direction aloud, others started screaming out. “ONE DIRECTION!!” they all shouted in union. Most of the girls rushed to get a closer look, knocking both Mia and I off our chairs. It’s actually kind of weird since they don’t do that with me. I am a part of One Direction pretty much ever since my cousin- Well my step cousin, Harry Styles asked me to join. I let out a small laugh as I stood up, fixing my school dress when I finally stood. I slowly made my way towards them, making sure I wasn’t going to anger any of the girls. “Julia! Save me!” I voice yelled from the small crowd.  I could barely see any of the boys.


“Oi! Girls! Back away!!” I shouted, pushing some of the girls out of the way, a girl glared at me as I pulled her off. “Do you want to suffocate them? No… I didn’t think so…” I stated, pushing the next one out of the way. After that little statement the girls automatically moved away from the guys. Each of the boys were lying on the ground in an uncomfortable position. I think Harry was out cold by the looks of it… Louis shot up, “AIR!!” he screamed, breathing in deeply. I turned and faced the girls that had almost suffocated them, “See… You almost killed Louis…” I said, pointing at the gasping fish- I mean, boy.


Mia walked towards me, giggling the whole way. Both of us helped the remaining boys up off the floor, “You girls ready?” Liam asked as I helped him up. “Defiantly…” I smiled. Mia and I quickly packed up and grabbed our bags. As we headed for the door I remember something, “I told you Mia and I had to be dismissed!” I shouted over my shoulder. I can just picture Mr. Sweeney’s  shocked face.


We exited the class, walked down the small hallway and turned the corner. I looked around checking if there were any people around then turned to Louis and hugged him. Louis and I have been dating for a while now. “Hey babe…” he smiled, hugging me tighter. “Hey Lou…” I smiled, looking up into his eyes, which always sparkled with happiness. He leaned in and gave me a quick kiss, then looked at me again. “Missed you…” he whispered. I smiled again and kissed him on the cheek. “Missed you too…”


He gently put me down back on the ground, keeping his arm around my shoulder. I quickly looked around and saw that both Harry and Zayn were speaking to Mia, while Liam kept nudging Niall whenever he looked at Mia which always made him turn red. Niall has a big crush on Mia, everybody knows about it besides Mia. Then there Mia, she’s got the biggest crush on Niall and I only know of it. “Come on…” I smiled, pulling Louis behind me. I walked past the group and towards my locker, I grabbed my school bag from it then locket it again. I turned back around, Niall and Mia were talking. Both were really shy. Damn! They’re so cute together!! “We’re going aren’t we?” I shouted, swinging my bag over my shoulder.






“I'M HUNGRY!!” Niall yelled from my left, making me momentarily deaf. “We'll eat later Niall!” Zayn shouted back, clearly pissed. I, myself, am kinda pissed. Niall’s been complain the whole way here. Freaking food addict… “BUT I’M HUNGRY NOW!” Niall whined, stomping his feet like a 6 year old. “SHUT UP NIALL!” Harry commanded his voice firm and demanding. Niall instantly silenced. I laughed slightly walking up to stand next to Mia. “Excited?” I asked, a huge grin placed on my face. Her expression mimicked mine as she looked at me, “Hell yeah!” she replied, jumping slightly.


We continued walking until we ended up at the terminal. I handed the flight attendant my tickets as did everyone else, and entered the plane. It was one of those small Jet planes, the ones with the first class seats and amazing service. Yeah that’s our bands personal Jet. Pretty amazing if I do say so myself!


We entered the Jet, Mia and I both having the biggest smiles on our face. Our bags were placed under the plane as we all took our seats. Liam, Zayn, Harry, Lou and I pushed ourselves to the front so we could take our seats. Making both Niall and Mia sit beside each other. I heard a small buz from behind me as I sat in my seat. “Guys!” Harry mused, jumping up. “Chelsea is going to meet us at the airport in London.” He grinned, sitting back down in his seat.


Oh! Yeah I forgot to mention. Chelsea, my other best friend, was in London visiting her family. I told her we would go over and meet her in London, instead of her coming to Australia then back to London. Much more logical if we met her there…


“Julia?” Louis asked, moving his hand in front of my face. “Hm?” I mumbled, turning my head to face him. He chuckled then planted a kiss on my forehead, “You spaced out again…” He smiled, kissing my cheek. Yeah I’ve been spacing out a lot lately. I grinned at him, then turned around and glanced around the plane. Behind Louis and i was my famous cousin Harry. His body was stretched across both the seat behind us. “Could you take up anymore space?” I laughed, resting my head against my hands. He turned his head and grinned like a child. “I need to be comfortable!” he said, grabbing his phone and turning it on Airplane mode. I rolled my eyes trying to act serious, but I failed.


My lips were twitching to smile I just couldn’t help myself. I looked on the other side of the plane. Mia and Niall were beside us, while Zayn and Liam were behind them. Mia was sitting beside the window, glancing through it constantly. I just grinned cheekily at them. I looked over at Zayn and Liam. They just seemed to be talking; I wonder what it was about…

I turned and sat back in my seat. The seatbelt light lit up and one of the flight attendances told us the fasten out seatbelts. To London we go...






It’s been about 4 hours now and the sky though the window is becoming dark. I glanced over at Mia and Niall which were both asleep. Mia had her head against Niall’s shoulder, and Niall’s head was leaning against Mia’s. I smirked at the too lovebirds. When will they freaking confess? I glanced around the small area. Liam and Zayn were asleep, Louis was as well. Then there was Harry. He wasn’t there actually…


I looked around and soon enough he exited the lavatory. “Oi! Harry!” I whispered, as he walked past. “Yo!” he replied, turned around and facing me. I handed him my phone and pointed towards Mia and Niall, he looked at me with a confused expression for a second then glanced at the two. He turned back to me with a smirk and he winked, “Just leave it to me…” he said turning and making his way towards them. He clicked a few pictures then gave me back my phone, “Remember… I did nothing…” Curly stated with a cocky grin. I laughed and shooed him off.


I laughed to myself once again, putting my phone down and leaning back against the seat. I let out a yawn and before I knew it, I was asleep.

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