Fallin So Fast

This story is about a girl, Mia... She's just a normal everyday girl... But the thing is her best friend is a part of One Direction! (not one of the boys)... And she helps Mia fall head over heels in love with the one and only Niall Horan...


2. Chapter 1

Chapter 1-

I sat there in my seat, in the ever boring class of Mathematics. My eyes drifted from the white board to the clock. Crap! 1:25… Mia and I should be leaving soon. My gaze searched the class room for my best friend Mia. Her arm was leaning against the table and her head was planted into her palm, plus she was gazing out the window. “Mia!” I whispered as loud as I dared, which wasn’t loud enough. Our math teacher isn’t the nicest of them all. He’s got a strict and simple rule; no talking during class. I sighed, looking down at my desk…


Then I spotted a rubber.


I quickly picked it up and threw it at her head. “Ow!” she yelped, her hand automatically reaching up to where the rubber hit her head. Mr. Sweeney turned and stared at Mia. “Miss Farrugia? Is there something wrong…?” he asked, raising an eye brow in the process. “Uh... No… My head just hurts… It’s been killing me all day…” she lied, rubbing the back of her head. Mr. Sweeney glared at Mia then at the rest of the class. In one swift movement he turned around, started writing on the board and continued what he was saying.


I exhaled a breath that I forgot I was holding and turned to Mia. Her gaze was immediately shot to me, and she wiggled the rubber in front of her face, “What was that for?” she mouthed. I just pointed at the clock, her expression completely changed from confusion to worry when she glanced at the clock. “We’re gonna be late!” she whispered as she turned to face me again.  “How are we gonna get out of here?” I whispered, but she just shrugged. “Ask the teacher…” she replied. “He’ll never let us out!” I whispered back. She replied again, “You’ve got to try…”


I sighed in defeat as I silently got up from my chair, walking down the isle of hard working students. Well… Some hard working students. I walked up to him, coughing slight for him to notice me. “Hm?” he mumbled turning around and looking at me, “Oh Julia! Why are you out of your seat…?” he asks me, “Um…” I replied, looking back at Mia, who shows two thumbs up from encouragement. I turn back to Mr. Sweeney. “Mia and I must be dismissed” I blurted. His face turns blank and he blinks a couple of times. “Do you have a note?” he asks, crossing his arms over his chest.


My face brightened when he mentioned that since, for once, I had brought a note in which both Mia and I could be dismissed. I reached into my pocket to grab the note. Wait… No…. No no no no! I quickly put on a fake smiled, “One moment please…” I replied, running down the aisle and towards my seat. I reached into my bag and shuffled though it, “Crap crap crap crap!!” I repeated quietly. I reached into every pocket and secret compartment, but there was no note. I sighed deeply, walking back to the teacher. “Um… I seemed to have lost the note…” I mumbled quietly. “I’m sorry but you may not leave… Go back to your seat and stop disturbing my class!” he snapped, pointing back at my seat. I hung my head in shame and slowly walked back to my seat.


“No use?” Mia asked as I sat down. “No use…” I nodded. “So what are going to do now?” she asked again. As if god was listening, my phone buzzed in my pocket. I grabbed it and quickly checked what it was. Once again, saved by god.


From Louis:

Where are you guys? We’re waiting outside the school and your still not here, please tell me you okay!! xxx


“Louis?” I just nodded in reply. “I can tell by that stupid grin that always appears on your face whenever you get a text from him…” she giggled. I turned and looked at her sheepishly. “He’s asking were the two of us are” I whispered, sticking my tough out of my mouth playfully. “Yeah yeah… Whatever you say…” she replied, a smirk tugging on the end of her lips. I looked back down at my phone and quickly typed back.


From Julia:

We’re alright! We’re just stuck in class… I forgot the damn note and he won’t let us out! Come save me Superman! ;) xxx

Now all we have to do is wait…






A couple minutes have passed and we are now waiting for the boys to come save us. “How much longer?” Mia asked, her head was on the desk. “I don’t know…” Suddenly the class phone starts ringing. Which is odd since it never rings. Everybody exchanged confused glances as Mr. Sweeney walked hesitantly towards the ringing phone. He picked it up and turned to face the wall, “Hello?” I turned and looked at Mia, “Who do you think it is?” I asked, hiding a smile and leaning against the back of my chair, crossing my arms across my chest.


"I donno…” Mia shrugged, trying to hide a smirk. Everybody kept mumbling or whispering things, trying not to get Mr. Sweeney to turn around. With one last nod he turned and walked over to the windows, shutting them and pulling the shades down. “What’s going on?” I asked, but after I spoke a knock came from the door. Each and everyone’s head turned to look at who it was. The door was pushed opened and five handsome young men stepped into the room… Mia and I glanced at each other with a wide smile, then back at them.


“Hey guys…”

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