Dust Till Dawn

A Girl Named Jane Has Been Living Her Whole Life In Pain Because Of Her Evil Mother,School,Abusive Boyfriend,And Worst Of All Herself. You Can Read All About Her Successes And Struggles And How Her Life Becomes Better And Better Because Of One Or Should I Say Five Boys. But Her Life Crashes Yet Again With Someones Death.
~Authors Note:This Is My First Movella But I Hope U Enjoy <3 :)
~WARNING!!!:This May Be To Graphical And Inappropriate For Kids Under 12!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)


2. Home Sweet Home

Janes P.O.V As i slowly turned the door knob i prayed that my mom wasn't home but as i slowly creaped in i saw my mom standing there with her arms on the waist as she tapped her foot on the floor. "Why are you here?" she asked with a cold voice. "I need the extra house key for my flat" i said with my eyes focused on hers. People are usually scared of there moms but my mom was scared of me because the year she found out that i was in the CIA she made me move out so i didnt bring my problems home.

"Fine hurry and get it i  put in your old room" she said as here walked back the the kitchen. i started running up stairs and when i got to my old room it was exactly how i left it when i moved out. Purple and pink walls with a double bed and a big trunk in front of it. i quickly got my key and left because i didnt want the memories. ~sorry about the short chapter but im going to write 2 chapters today or tomarrow hope you all like it

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