Dust Till Dawn

A Girl Named Jane Has Been Living Her Whole Life In Pain Because Of Her Evil Mother,School,Abusive Boyfriend,And Worst Of All Herself. You Can Read All About Her Successes And Struggles And How Her Life Becomes Better And Better Because Of One Or Should I Say Five Boys. But Her Life Crashes Yet Again With Someones Death.
~Authors Note:This Is My First Movella But I Hope U Enjoy <3 :)
~WARNING!!!:This May Be To Graphical And Inappropriate For Kids Under 12!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)


1. Trapped

Emily P.O.V I woke up not knowing what happened to me late night but all i knew was were i was. I was at my abusive boyfriends house in is room. i was chained to the bed and bruises were running from head to toe all i could think about was getting out. Free from all of this crap. My thoughts were interrupted by the door slamming open. I looked up and saw my boyfriend Conner. Suddenly i realized what happened to me late night. I was at my flat just relaxing from a hard day from work and school until i was hit with something that has me unconscious and the late thing i saw before i blacked out was his filthy face. "Wake up you whore" he said . I looked up and saw his face.....i could already tell he wanted something. "Why the fuck am i here?Let me go!" i yelled and struggled to be free. He laugh his evil laugh and looked at me with his light sea blue eyes. "Don't worry babe you give me the pleasure of what i want and i wont give you the pain you don't want" he chucked. I knew exactly what he meant by that. He always kidnaps me once a week to get what he wants and if he doesn't i get what i don't deserve and i always fought back but never won. This time i came up with a plan."Fine fine ill give you what you want just don't hurt me" i whimpered. "That a girl" he smiled. "But let me say one thing. Are you really scared of me that much that you chained me to the bed" I laughed and gave him a pout with my big gray/bluish/green eyes. "WHAT NO DON'T EVER DAY THAT AGAIN OR ELSE" he shouted. i sat there laughing for a minute or two "Your a little pussy. ill have sex with you and you know it. your just scared" i said. I regret saying it right when he climbed on the bed ripped my clothes off and spread my legs.I tried to close them but it was to late he got his clothes off and started to kiss my neck.I knew i needed to make him stop. He started going lower.Until i remembered a fighting move my older brothers taught me. When he stopped and looked up at me."You could be a good boyfriend and kiss me on the lips once in a while" i said with a small smile."Of course princess" he said as he leaned in the kiss me.We were kissing and he swished his tongue into my mouth and he slowly bought his head up i grabbed his head with my chained hands i hit his head hard on the wooden back base. he was instantly knocked out. i used my toes to reach in his pants that were laying on the edge of the bed i got the key between my toes and flexed to put it in my hands.i quickly unlocked my now bruised hands got my clothes on a ran out the house. i started crying and running as fast as i could to get as far as i could from that house.i ran all the way the my moms house and i remembered my mom with be furious with me. so braced myself for the worst. ~Authors Note: hope you guys like my first chapter please comment if you have any ideas.and tell me if i should continue. <3 :)    

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