Meet my twin, Niall Horan

Millie Horan is Niall Horan's twin sister. Yes, Niall Horan from One Direction! After not seeing her brother for a few years she finally decides to go on tour with them! She is really happy to be back! There are so many memories with the boys! But some memories she wants to keep hidden... She was going to tell Niall, until he ended up finding out on his own...


7. Chapter 7

Zayn’s POV

“Millie where are you?” he yelled. I looked at Louis. “Zayn… As if you we’re hiding this from us” he said. “Harry hid it from you too! Okay!” I said. “Yeah, but Harry didn’t know anything to her” he said. “Louis, don’t do this to me too…” I said. “Zayn, you just have to understand how Niall feels… I don’t think I’d be too happy if I best friend kissed my sister and never told me…” Louis said… I wouldn’t be too happy. “I know, remember after the mall the weekend we met her? Well when you guys went to get a movie well… we kind of made out… and then that night we told each other we love you and kissed…” I said scratching the back of his head. “Zayn! You never told us!” Louis said surprised. “I was scared Niall would hate me and that it would ruin the band!” I yelled. Louis just looked at me. “I’m sorry! I didn’t think he would find out like this! I thought we would tell him and then talk to him about it!” I said. “Niall you can’t control my life!” we heard Millie yell and then glass shatter. I ran to see with Louis. In the kitchen there was a cup on the floor, shattered. They looked at us when we entered. “Guys, stop it” Louis said. I saw Millie and Niall we’re both crying. “Niall we didn’t want you to find out like this! We we’re going to talk to you I swear” I said. “You lied to me Millie, I thought we trusted each other” Niall said. “We do Niall; I just didn’t want to ruin your friendship with Zayn… You never liked any of the guys I liked so I didn’t want to hurt the band Niall!” she said with a tear rolling down her cheek. Niall just looked down at the broken cup. “What happened?” Louis asked. “I threw it okay!” Niall said. “Niall, I didn’t want to hurt you that’s why we kept it to ourselves!” she said. “Millie… It hurts me more that you never told me” Niall said calming down. “I know Niall… I should’ve told you! But now you’re going to hate Zayn and I don’t want you too!” she said crying. He looked over at me. “Millie, please stop crying” he said grabbing her arm. She just cried harder when he said that. “Leave me alone” she then said and ran off. Niall watched her run away and I went to go after her but Niall grabbed me. “I don’t want you to ever touch her! Got it! You stay away from her until she knocks some sense into herself and gets over you!” Niall yelled and left. “Lou… What do I do?” I asked. “I think you should stay away from her” Louis said and left. I went onto the couch and curled up into a little ball… What have I done? I should of told Niall… I was scared though… Scared of what? It can’t get much worse than this. Just then Liam and Harry walked out. “Where is everyone?” Harry asked. “I don’t know” I said trying to hold back my tears, I just lost the girl I love. “What’s wrong Zayn?” Liam asked worried. Just then Millie ran by but Harry grabbed her. “Millie what’s wrong?” he asked seeing her crying. “Leave me alone Harry I don’t want to talk about it right” she yelled trying to pull away. “Millie what’s wrong?” Liam asked. Just then Niall and Louis walked in. “What’s going on?” Harry asked. “Why don’t you ask Zayn?” Niall said looking angrily at him. “Millie and I kissed! We love each other okay! We just didn’t tell Niall because we were afraid! Oh Niall by the way the weekend I met Millie we made out!” I said. What am I saying, I’m just mad. I saw rage come in Niall and he pounced on me. “Niall!” Millie yelled. He started tackling me. “Keep your dirty little hands of my sister” he yelled trying to pine me down. Just then Louis and Liam took Niall off of me. Millie just looked at me with a face saying you had to tell him now? “How could you! With my little sister too! The day you met her! You are a player Zayn! Between then and now you had 2 girlfriends!” Niall yelled. Millie looked at me. “You did?” Millie asked.

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