Meet my twin, Niall Horan

Millie Horan is Niall Horan's twin sister. Yes, Niall Horan from One Direction! After not seeing her brother for a few years she finally decides to go on tour with them! She is really happy to be back! There are so many memories with the boys! But some memories she wants to keep hidden... She was going to tell Niall, until he ended up finding out on his own...


5. Chapter 5

Harry’s POV

“What’s the sky room?” Millie asked me. “It’s wonderful come on” I said taking her hand. She grabbed it and I dragged her out to the sky room. The roof was all glass, so we can watch the stars as we move. “Wow, it’s gorgeous” Millie said looking up. I grabbed a few cushions; we had little beds so we could lie down instead of getting cramps in our necks. “Here, lie down” I said. She did and I lied down in the bed beside her. “It’s beautiful isn’t it” I said. “Sure is” she said. “Almost as beautiful as you” I said. She looked at me and blushed. "Did u see that?" Millie asked. A shooting star just passed by. "Make a wish" I said. I closed my eyes: I wish Millie Horan would kiss me right now. "What did you wish for?" Millie asked me. "If I tell you it won't come true" I said smiling. "If u tell me I’ll tell you" Millie said. "Fine, you go first then" I said. "I wish my brother won't be mad when I tell him" she said. I looked at her. "I think my brother should find out first" she said. I nodded, I was wondering what she was talking about. "Your turn" she said. "Uh... I wished that... Hum... Louis would come join us!" I said trying to cover up. "Harry, we both know you can't lie to me" she said. "Okay, I wished that Millie Horan would kiss me" I whispered. She just looked at me. "Harry" she said. I looked at her. Her face was close to mine and I could feel her breath on my lips. "What" I said. I couldn't help myself. I kissed her, but after she backed away. She looked back up. "I'm sorry-" "I didn't know you actually liked me... I thought u we're just being your flirty self" she said. "It's my fault, I should have told you sooner" I said. "It's not your fault Harry" she said smiling at me. "Do you like someone?" I asked. She nodded. "Who?" I said surprised. "That's what I need to talk to Nialler about..." she said. ”Oh I see" I said a little upset. I wonder who he is. Zayn's POV The movies we're awesome. I just wish I could be with Millie instead of Harry right now. I just don't want Niall or anyone to get suspicion... The movie was finally over. "I wonder what Harry and Millie are doing?" Louis said winking. I looked at him… What did he mean? “Did Harry tell you?” Niall said while Liam got up to turn off the tv. “No, what’s going on?” I asked. “Harry has a crush on Millie” Liam said smiling. WHAT? “Oh, that’s… nice” I said. How could he have a crush on Millie? I need to talk to her, NOW! “I’m going to go check on them” I said getting up and leaving. I headed to the sky room and I felt everyone’s eyes on my back. I marched up the stairs and Millie and Harry were lying side by side looking up at the stars. “I wished for Louis not Zayn” Harry said smiling at Millie. She giggled. “What are you guys doing?” I asked. “Watching the stars, want to join Zayn?” Millie asked sitting up. “Sure” I said and grabbed a pillow and lay beside her. “Aren’t they pretty?” she asked me. I looked at her and smile. “You sure are… Uh, I mean they are” I said winking. Harry gave me a look and Millie laughed. “So why did you decide to come here?” Harry asked. “I told the boys I’d come check on you guys and the movies are over” I told him. “We should go then…” Millie said getting up. I got up with her and so did Harry. “Yeah, I agree” Harry said. Millie was about to grab her cushion when Harry grab it for her. “I got it” he said with a smile. She smiled to him. “Thanks Harry” she said. Then we all headed downstairs. Niall was waiting there for us. “I was just coming to tell you guys we’re going to bed” Niall said. “We’re coming too” Millie said. Niall nodded and we all headed to the room. Liam and Harry we’re just getting into bed. “Niall your job to shut off the light!” Louis yelled from his bed. “Fine” he said with a smile and we all got into bed. “Night guys” Millie said. “Night!” we all said. After everyone got into bed Niall shut off the light and climbed into bed. You could hear the tires against the road… Just then you hurt a crack… “What was that?” Millie asked scared. “Nothing Millie, go to sleep” Niall said. She layed back down… I closed my eyes to try and fall asleep but with no such luck…

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