Meet my twin, Niall Horan

Millie Horan is Niall Horan's twin sister. Yes, Niall Horan from One Direction! After not seeing her brother for a few years she finally decides to go on tour with them! She is really happy to be back! There are so many memories with the boys! But some memories she wants to keep hidden... She was going to tell Niall, until he ended up finding out on his own...


12. Chapter 12

So far I re-wrote this chapter 3 times-.- It wont save. Anyways I'm finally updating... I'm VERY VERY sorry.. Things were happening and all that and just :/ so yeah... Anyways here you are... Again I am sorry! Zayn's POV I slowly opened my eyes, it all felt like a dream... All the fighting, the loving, the hating, the forgiving, all too much to handle. I sat up in my little bed and rub my eyes and hair. Was that Millie's laugh? I mean, I couldn't mistaken it, it was magical and perfect... But did Niall and her make-up... I really hope so... I got up and headed to the living room... What do I do? What do I say? Is it still awkward? Do I ask what's up? At the couch there was Niall, Louis and Millie sitting around a computer. You could hear another girl talking but I didn't know who. "Zayn, would you like meet Allie Horan? I mean my best friend Allie who likes my brother and my brother likes back?" Millie said with a smile to her brother. "Millie!" Niall said blushing. "Well Niall, ask the girl out!" I said smiling and heading behind them. His cheeks turned even more red. "Daym I look like shit" I said looking on the computer. "Please, you're Zayn freaken Malik!" Allie laughed. He giggled along. "Well Zayn, Niall and Millie are ok again! Thank god cause it be a little weird if they werent" Louis said smiling and pretending to whisper. They both smiled and shook their heads. "Ok, wait. So Niall likes Allie? You're best friend?" I asked looking at Niall with a smile. "Hey, she's my baby sister" Niall smiled. I'm asking her. I needed too. I needed to call her mine, and hold her when I please. Be able to kiss her everyday and tell her how much she means to me. To wake up to her beautiful face every morning and just knowing she will always be mine. I mean, I believe two years is long enough to wait..."Well Millie Horan, today is your lucky day" I smiled. "Why is that?" She asked confused. "You're already the famous twin of Niall Horan... How would you also like to be the famous girlfriend of Zayn Malik?" I said with a smile. She walked up to me and looked me straight in the eyes. "I don't know if I can Zayn" she started out. That's when I felt my heart drop. She couldn't wait two years for me and reject me now... Just please don't reject me Millie Horan. "What if the paparazzi are too much seeing i'm so famous" she smiled. I should of known with her. I felt a smile spread upon my face. She threw her arms around my neck and kissed me passionately. I put my hands on her waist and pulled her closer. "Excuse me, the famous Niall Horan here" Niall said. "Sorry" we both said blushing. "That was probably the cutest thing of life" Allie said threw the computer. "We try" I smiled. "Well not only is my best friend Millie Horan, my crush who is Niall Horan likes me back, I met Louis Tomlinson, and I got VIP tickets to the London concert" she squealed. "YOU MEAN I GET TO SEE YOU!" I yelled out. Millie Horan is finally my girlfriend. The most beautiful girl in the world and she is all mine. Isn't it wonderful! This is the perfect life! Dream career, dream girl, dream best friends, it does not get better than this. "Shh, little Liam is sleeping" I heard. I turned around to see Harry... What will I tell him...
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