Meet my twin, Niall Horan

Millie Horan is Niall Horan's twin sister. Yes, Niall Horan from One Direction! After not seeing her brother for a few years she finally decides to go on tour with them! She is really happy to be back! There are so many memories with the boys! But some memories she wants to keep hidden... She was going to tell Niall, until he ended up finding out on his own...


10. Chapter 10

Liam’s POV

“How can I be so stupid” Niall said with his head between his hands. “You aren’t stupid” I said. “Liam, how can I be so blind in not seeing that my own sister is upset! She cried in front of me so many times and I didn’t even realize it…” he said again. “Niall, don’t worry, it will be okay” Louis said patting my back. “No it won’t! I hurt the one person I was trying to protect!” he said. Just then Zayn and Harry walked out. “What happened?” Zayn asked. “I messed up! I hurt Millie okay? I haven’t been there for her! She doesn’t deserve a brother like me!” Niall yelled. “Niall, you’re an amazing brother” Zayn said . “How can you be so happy with me when I’m telling you, you can’t be with the one you love” Niall asked. “Because, I could never stay mad at you… You’re my brother” Zayn said with a smile. Niall hugged him. “I’m sorry Zayn, you can love her. I shouldn’t have done that… I just messed up. I’m in love with her best friend too… I’d hate it if Millie said I couldn’t date her…” Niall said crying. “Niall, everyone makes mistakes” I said. “This is bigger than a mistake Liam! I messed up the last two years of my sister’s life!” he yelled. “I think we should get some rest…” Harry said. “I agree” Louis said. “I’ll sleep on the couch…”Niall said. “Okay, sleep tight” I said and kissed him on the forehead. He lied down and then we all left. When we walked into the room we saw Millie fast asleep on her bed. “We should get some sleep…” I said as I lie down. Everyone nodded and copied me. So far, this trip hasn’t been going the best… Hopefully it will change… I just hope Millie doesn’t stay mad at Niall…






~~~~Hey everyone sorry this chapter is really short! I'll try and make them longer from now one, sorry!~~~~

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