High School;)

Me and my 4 best friends made it thru freshman year and now we are ready for everything and anything ----------------------------------------My first Movella please read i really want opinions thx :P


2. School


I wake up to my alarm at 6:00 am on blast it feels like just yesterday we got out of school but noo now we have to go back ughhh. 

i go to liberty heights high school and im not a loner or anything i dont get bullied but im not popular me and my friends dont bully or categorize people its plain out stupid but we do have our players and badboys and populars Im what you call Semi popular like i know EVERYONE and they know me but unlike "the populars" we're actually liked by everyone and we dont rule the school soo yupp alyssa is the good bad girl im the bad ass hipster rylees the shy crazy gurl and jasmine just plain crazy thats why we love her <3 So im sixteen and i have a car my steps dad old jeep wich happens to be a Rubicon i got ready for school  and left to pick up the gurls.

Alyssas house~~

When i got there i knocked and her brother opened up did i mention she has a twin brother well if i didnt she does and another brother 1 year older they are both jerks David her older brother was on the couch as i walked in totaly checked me out he does it just to piss me off we use to date yeah didnt go so well anyways i headed up to her room and typicall shes still not awake you see this is why i wake up soo early even though we dont start school untill 8:15 because they are never ready soo i kik her off the bed and she falls off the bed and yells at me like always anyways she finally gets her lazy bum off the floor and changes into  a leather jacket with a rock n roller shirt and black jeans  like i said shes the bad gurl haha next was Rylee she was already waitin for me wearing a 1D shirt black jeans jean jacket and her bag  you know we all love one direction but me and rylee the most besides she has a more conserved style i guess and lastly we went to pick up jasmine who was in her room eating omg shes so skinny but she eats alot anyways we waited for her and she was wearing   a shirt that said swag blue and yellow shorts and abatman bag  shes the crazy type and you never know what shell do or wear soo yuppo lol anyways we left and got to school on time at 8:05 and we entered everyone always stops and stares boys well theyre boys they wolfe whistle and always eye rape us i mean i would to we're hott lol anyways we are always single by choice well except me ofcaorse ive never had a boyfriend or first kiss ... i know shocker but noone has ever had the guts too i guess or maybe im just that ugly :c idk and honestly idc so yupp anyways off to class :*



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