High School;)

Me and my 4 best friends made it thru freshman year and now we are ready for everything and anything ----------------------------------------My first Movella please read i really want opinions thx :P


3. Lunch

Ok soo we are finally out of classwell not all but well you knoww hat i mean  wich by the way is super boring its always been well except in pre kindergarden oh those times were the bestt lol anyways i sat down and listened on in the gossip i mean yeah im popular but we still gossip anyways let me tell you how we are categorized here we have the dirty populars by that i mean slutty cheerleaders varsity practically your basic populars then you have us the well we could say normal but we are just as  popular as them except we dont bully or sleep with the whole school we basically hate eachother even tho we are on same basis i guess we just have different opinions i mean who in their right state of mind sleeps with the whole school its stupid i mean its just gross like id like to actually save my virginity and not get played by a stupid jock thats cocky and gives a fuck butt ill admitt they are fucking fine ass hell ok soo the populars in our group consists of Jasmine Rylee Alyssa Me Jake Cade and Drake and They are all taken except me wich is sad but im fine with it my best guy friend is cade hes simply awsome and gets me 100% we've only known eachother for 2 years but we've become reallyy close:) anyways i was listening when i heard who Hayden's whore of the week was and no suprise it was sum girl frome the cheerleading team me jasmine rylee and alyssa are the only ones who havent dated him or his brother Dylan they are twins and they are THE players of the school worshipped by every single gurl hated by all the guys yet still friends with the whole basketball and baseballand ofcaorse football team amazing but im friends with all of them too diference being they LOVE me i mean im not bragging cuz i mean the basketball team is like my group of bestfriends haha  always checking up on me like everyone of them and we hang out cuz well im a cheerleader and hang out with all the teams i know shocking but i got really close with them and no im not really asociated with the gurls of cheer apart from practice although some are reallyy nice like Bekka yea shes my cheer buddy realyy nice she just prefers to be the populars because shes inlove with jake and that is the worst twin to fall for i swear hes a jerk realyy cocky stupid and did i mention jerk well if i didnt he is a HUGE jerk and he either hooks up with jessica the head cheerleader and totall slut or sum other slut but yeah one girl every other day wich is disgusting his brother is well simalar but hes smarter and way more cokier but still a jerk so yupp thats my highschol for ya ;)

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