High School;)

Me and my 4 best friends made it thru freshman year and now we are ready for everything and anything ----------------------------------------My first Movella please read i really want opinions thx :P


6. Group Crushh


i woke up to Part of Me by Katy perrry anyways i woke up and got ready for  school and put thishttp://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=87933523&.locale=es on and got on my car and left to my suprise all the gurls were ready when i got there alyssa was wearing thishttp://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=87936337&.locale=es  jasmine wearing this http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=87935284&.locale=es and Rylee was wearing this http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=87937079&.locale=es which looked great on her she almost never wore that kind of clothing but we were changing her well actually she was a shy crazy gurl just not as crazy anyways once we got to school we went to our lockers which lucky for us we near eachothers even the guys were near us which was awsome once we got there everyone was with their boyfriend or girlfriend although i think rylee is breaking up with her boyfriend she told us that he was being a prick latley so we told her to actually do something and she has maybe thats why she wants to change maybe she likes someone ooh we havent had a girl talk in a while ill talk to her later.

Rylee POV:

i was getting ready for school and i was thinking i should break up with brady hes been acting wierd and i dont like him anymore as much i mean we used to go out alot and its like now we drifted apart and well ive been talking to the girls so im breaking up with him today so i decided to put something on that made me look strong because if im the one to break up with him i have to be strong and confident besides im thinking i have to talk more with the gurls stay single for a while and enjoy it anyways wheni got to school i went to my locker and he was there '' Hey babe'' brady started ''umm heyy look umm well weve been going out a long time but i dont know i guess its not the same anymore i mean we bareley go out anymore and i just cant take it so im sorry but i need space'' i felt kinda bad but what shocked me is what he said '' i was thinking the same thing and maybe we should see other people maybe stay friends'' ''yeah sure thanks for understanding '' ''oh and by the way you look hott''  he said it witha smirk and wink and left i was oo glad too gett that off my chest and  i guess now im a single pringle haha anyways offto class


Back to Keilanis POV 

My first class was history and i had it with Drake and one of the players which sucks but i always sit in the back a nd talk to drake haha anyways i was fashionably late ''why are you late'' my teacher asked ''sorry teach had to tinkle'' shes my favorite teacher to piss off shes soo annoying and i absolutley hate her anyways i got to my seat and drake started texting  me 

DRAKE the beast : heyy watts up 

me: im right next to you dumb ass 

DRAKE the beast: yeah but  i dont feel like talking 

me: lazy much haha

DRAKE the beast: whateverr soo guess waatttt!!!!

me: whattt !!

DRAKE the beast: i think i like one ofthe gurls :)

this shocked me i mean no one from the group has ever gone out imeans no oone everthought of eachother in that way so yea but i needed to know who 


DRAKE the beast. Rylee.... 

me. are you serious or just to play with you know shes shy and i dont want her getting hurt 

DRAKE the beast: im serious and dont you think i know that thats why im scared but god shes so beutiful and i have to admit shes got quite the curves haha 

me: wow you so would but im serious if you hurt her i will seriously do some damage and you out of all people know i will 

DRAKE the beast: yea i know but i hardly doubt i have a chance i mean she only sees me as a friend 

right when i got it the belll rang and we headed out i  catched up to him and we started talking and well i just told him to wait and ask her on a date :) after that the day went in a blurr and i was finally out of school :)

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