High School;)

Me and my 4 best friends made it thru freshman year and now we are ready for everything and anything ----------------------------------------My first Movella please read i really want opinions thx :P


4. Basic

ok so ima let you in on the drama and hold on tight cuz theres alot ok first you need to know i absolutley love my bestfriends and everything but they can be true hypocrites well except rylee shes too shy and wont do anything ok so anyways Alyssa has a boyfriend whos name is Jordan Davis and Jasmine used to like him and alyssa started to like him so when they broke up she started talking to hima well theyve been a couple for like 2 years so we are all happy for them Rylee is dating Brady Forge who isa football player and theyve been together for like 3 years and they are just sooo cute hahaha and Jasmine well she has had boyfriends but none taken seriously and right now shes dating Jett Black hes nice but can be cocky at times but once you get to know him hes realyy nice. Jake is dating Skyler totall sweetheart and really pretty i mean she has a perfect body i swear and she wears glasses like me :D and we have all our classes together but we arent close just friends, Cade is dating Marissa who is on the gurls soccer team and shes great shes nice and also really pretty and lastly Dylan he well he is a sort of player except the fact he doesnt just bang and leave he lets them down easy wich is why every girl wants him as well so idk who he is currently dating and hes my Cuddle Buddy :) ok anyways im a single pringle although i used to like Cade yupp noone ever knew tho and i like to keep it that way ok so to tell truths im not a virgin well lets just say that i wanted to get it over with but ofcaorse it wouldnt be with just anyone well umm me and cade sort of did it it was a 1 time thing and we swore to never speak of it again soo yeah thats basically all you need to know so lets get this show on the road :)

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