High School;)

Me and my 4 best friends made it thru freshman year and now we are ready for everything and anything ----------------------------------------My first Movella please read i really want opinions thx :P


5. Basic Charectars

Heyyy the names Jake sweetheart currently single but not for long babes ;) 

Favorite color: Blue like my eyes :)

Best Friends: Cade Jake Alyssa jasmine Keilani Rylee

Secret: I likke Ryleeee shhhhh!¡



Heyyy the names Jake Happily taken by my beutifull gurlfriend Skylarr <3.<3 

Favorite color: Blue like ma shurttt :P

best friends: Cade drake  Alyssa jasmine Keilani Rylee

Secret: Ilovemygurlfreeend


Heyy there the names Cade taken by Marrissa <3.<3 love her 

favorite color: blue :)

best friends: jake drake  Alyssa jasmine Keilani Rylee

secret:i used to like keilani 


heyy bitchess names Jasmine taken by my boyfriend obviously hahaha k bye 

favorite color: Pink and Yellow

best friends: jake drake cade  Alyssa  Keilani Rylee

secret: im smart and i love sarcasm :)

Heyyyy hoe watt upp taken so back off k bye.

favorite color: Black white and Purple

best friends: jake drake  cade jasmine Keilani Rylee

secret: im bad and good and smart soo yupp kbye.


heyy well umm my names Rylee and i have a boyfriend ...

Favorite color Pink

best friends: jake drake  cade jasmine Keilani Alyssa

Secret: i like Drake and i dont like my boyfriend :( 


Heyyy there parties here hahah jk but happily single :) and im 18 years young like my friends upp there

Favorite color: Purple Black White Blue and Pink

best friends: jake drake  cade jasmine alyssa Rylee

Secret: ummmm i like a player :( and i dance 


Heyy there beutifull we the twins never taken hahaaha;) call us 

Favorite color: green and blue

best freinds: eachother

secret of dylan: i like Jasmine shhhhhh but hey for now anyones ok

secret of hayden: Keilanis Beutiful but ant give up on my player sorryy babes:(

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