Love Accidentilly

This story is about a girl who meets one direction... And read the rest to find out


15. The storm

Ally said ''Im going to go to bed, ok, im really tired and it is kinda getting late.''

Niall replied ''Goodnight Ally'' And kissed her softly on the cheek

Zayn said ''Night Ally get a goodnights rest.'' And winked

Then Liam said ''Night and hope that you have a good day tomorrow''

Of course Louis said ''Goodnight''

And Harry replied to Ally ''Good Night dont let the bed bugs bite.''


So Ally went up to bed and put on a beige, silk night gown, and snuggled under the velvet covers.

Niall went to bed in 1 of the 12 guest rooms with a tee shirt and pajama pants


In the middle of the night, dark clouds were fourming, and rain was coming down. So Ally woke up. She tiptoed to Nialls room. ''Niall, can you wake up?'' Ally whispered. And Nialls eyes opened. Niall replied faintly ''Honey whats wrong?''

Ally said ''There is going to be a really bad storm and i am scared.''

Niall replied ''Babe its probably going to be a thunderstorm.

Ally said ''No there was a huge dark cloud and its really scaring me.''

Niall said''Well I can sleep on the floor of your room, and by the window, I wanna protect you.''

Ally said ''Well that would be great.''


The Next morning

Ally woke up, it was raining cats and dogs, and there was thunder, she was surprised she slept through it, and then she saw a strike of lightning.

Niall woke up and asked ''So is there anything I can do for you?''

Ally said ''Kiss me''

Then, the lights turned out and they couldnt see anything at all.


They heard screams and saw lightning and heard thunder and rain

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