Love Accidentilly

This story is about a girl who meets one direction... And read the rest to find out


3. The stand up

Ally asked " since when are you guys here?""
Zayn said " we have been here all our lives. Well exept Niall, hes from mullingar.

Just then Zayn gave her a flirty wink.

Ally thought "does he like me?""

So The boys walked Ally home throught the sparkling white snow.
She walked into the mansion and walked into the kitchen.
The floor was Newley mopped and was a perfect shine.

"Come in" Ally said.
So Zayn came in first and kissed Ally on the cheeck.
"Would you mind if I used the bathroom upstairs?"
Zayn asked.
"No not at all." said ally
So Zayn went upstairs
Upstairs: Zayn wrote a letter attached to roses. The cover of the card was red with white printing that read, To Ally
Downstairs:Harry and the rest of the boys walked into the room.
Harry said "is there anywhere that I could hang my jacket?"
Ally replied " Yes, just go downstairs and in the hallway should be a closet.
Zayn came downstairs as if nothing happened.
Is there anything that you would like to eat???
Niall said "Is there any pizza?"
Zayn said "thanks for the offer. But I'm not very hungry."
Harry replied "No, I'm not that hungry"
And Liam said "No, but thanks for the offer. I just ate."
And Louis said "Nahh, it's all good."
So Ally said "Niall ill get you some pizza in just a moment.
Boys you can sit and watch tv and I'll brew some coffee.
Louis said:Thanks.
Liam said "I'll pass"

So when ally was in the upstairs kitchen brewing coffee, Zayn was waiting impatiently for Ally so she could see her sweet face and hear her soft voice.

And Niall was waiting for Ally so he could call her beautiful, and hear her soft nice voice. And kiss her so softly on the cheek.

Just then Ally came with Louis coffee and sat with Niall
Niall was smiling with every time he saw her face.
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