Love Accidentilly

This story is about a girl who meets one direction... And read the rest to find out


4. The Kiss

So when Ally was talking and Niall just wanted Ally to come outside. Ally stopped talking.
The room was in silence and was all just staring at the tv
"Perfect time" Niall though

And just then Zayn asked
"Ally can I talk to you outside for a moment?"
Niall's smile turned into a frown.
And then Ally said "Yeah."
So then Ally walked outside with Zayn.

They shut the door, and stood in the middle of the snow covered yard.
Zayn asked "Will you go out with me?"
Ally grinned "Yes!!" Ally exclaimed.
So then Zayn leaned in and kissed Ally, and then they smiled.
Zayn slid his hand down the leather jacket Ally had had on earlier that morning.
And then Ally and Zayn walked in snow covered yard, and opened the door.
1 hour later
Then Zayn woke up from the nap he had on the couch.

Ally was standing over him and kissed him on the lips.
Then Ally asked "Hey all the other boys are having Spaggehti. do you want some?
Zayn replied "Yeah."
So Zayn and And Ally were eating Spaggehti like everyone else for lunch.

Just then while they were watching tv,
The tv said that the roads were closed. And the only way to transport is by walking
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