Love Accidentilly

This story is about a girl who meets one direction... And read the rest to find out


10. The escape

Zayn and Ally went to a hotel to spend a night alone.
Ally said "I'm going to go to the car wash and wash the car."
Zayn said "ok I'm going to Order room service."
So ally washed the car at the bottom floor of the hotel.
And Zayn called room service
Room service:Hello what would you like?
Zayn: I would like
2 speggeties
1 pizza
2 cokes
Chicken wings
2 cheese burgers
2 large fries
Room service "Ok it will be ready in 15 minutes"
Thanks for your convinence.
Ally came back from the carwash
"Hey Baby" Ally said
Zayn said "Babe I ordered room service."
Ally replied "thanks"
So Ally sat in the chair next to Zayn

Room service came in the room with the food
"Bill would be 700 dollars and 30 cents."
So room service left and they ate.

They went to bed.

They woke up and then had the bill on the desk

1,000,000 and 99 cents.

Zayn said "Woah! I'm not gonna pay this"

So Ally was scared of what Zayn would do.

He carried ally down the emergency ladder and they went into a field. They ran and ran until they couldn't find them and were so far away from the hotel.

They were back at the mansion and Zayn had to go grocery shopping.

So Niall and Ally layed in Ally's bed.

Ally said "I love you"
Niall replied "I love you, and I always will. Will you go out with me??

Ally replied (forgetting all about Zayn)
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