Love Accidentilly

This story is about a girl who meets one direction... And read the rest to find out


14. The blog

''Hey Zayn can you do me a favor and get my computer?'' Ally said

Zayn replied'' yeah only if you say the magic word''

Ally exclaimed ''Please''

Zayn said ''ok where is it?''

Ally replied ''It is downstairs now can you go get it please''

Zayn said ''Yeah, i will, ill go get it right, now.

And Zayn ran down the stairs.

So Ally waited paitently until Zayn came

''So is this your computer?'' Zayn said to Ally.

Ally replied ''Yes. Thank you.''

So Zayn went downstairs and was going to have breakfast with the boys.

Ally opened up the top of her laptop, and typed in her password.

Then she typed in the web adress to the blog.

She made the post that read

Hey guys! Im hanging out with the boys! We are chilling at home and the boys are in the kitchen eating breakfast. If you would like to talk to them all you have to do is call a number. It is posted somewhere else in the blog and i am going to make you scavenger for it.  So the boys are eating bagels and omeletes and of course Niall had to throw in the pancakes. My bedroom is a little messy so, i cant post a picture of it. So yesterday I was sick, and Zayn helped take care of me, that sweet boy.


So Ta ta for now,


So she went downstairs. She heard banging on the door and the boys were hiding under the couch.

''Guys why are you hiding under the couch?'' Ally asked

Harry said ''There are screaming fans at the door that want to get to us. They keep saying that some blog leaked it, and now they are chasing us down.''

Ally replied ''Oh my god i  am so sorry! I never ment for fans to show up and try to break in! I dont know what to do!'

So Zayn ran to Ally and said ''get the guards, and staple down the door, i mean put the nails there and board.''

So Ally called security


Security: Alright what do you need now?

Ally: The boys may be attacked by screaming fans, can you come now and bring wood and nails? and the extra curtains?

Security: On it.


Security came right away and told the fans to get away.


Zayn yelled ''Why would you post that on your blog? you know that it is hard to maintain a normal life.!

Ally said ''I make money from my blog and wanna know what? i could have been living on the street for a long time. so that made alot of money and i dont wanna fight. you know that i have to work hard on that blog just so that i can help keep the house. we could be richer than Bill Gates. we need more money than you think. So if i lose viewers i could be on the streets. IM STRUGGLING TO PAY! I AM ALREADY HAVING ENOUGH!

Harry said ''Woah you gotta calm it. you can pay for alot and just to let you know, you really need to calm it


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