Love Accidentilly

This story is about a girl who meets one direction... And read the rest to find out


13. Sickness

Ally woke up the next morning with a fever of 103.5. So Ally woke up Zayn.
Zayn made ally breakfast in bed. The orange juice with no pulp just the way she liked it, and the cereal with not a lot of milk the way she liked it.
There was an apple on the side and toast with jam.
So while Ally was thanking Zayn Zayn sat in the bed and put his arm around her, and gave her a cold ice pack. And took the covers off of the bed, he turned up the air conditioning to.

So Ally said "Thank you. Nobody has ever did anything nicer for me."
Zayn replied "well my girl is sick, why should I let her be sick when I could take care of her?"
Ally continued "Zayn sweetie could you do me a favor and get me some ice water?"
"whatever you say sweetie." Zayn said

He went downstairs to get some ice water for ally.

She waited upstairs in her bedroom. And she heard footsteps coming up from the stairs.

Niall walked in and exclaimed "Ally are you alright?"
Ally sniffled and replied "I'm sick."
So then Niall said "is there anything I could do for you sweetie??"
Ally said " at the moment I think I don't need anything."
So then Niall said "Get better soon honey, I love you and hope you get better quickly, no matter
What it takes"
Ally smiled and said "thanks baby"
Niall left the room and Zayn came with the ice water
"Honey I ment the kitchen down stairs from here not the bottom floor!" Ally exclaimed.
Zayn said "I'm here now but that's all that matters.
Ally replied "Zayn, do you think I'll be alright? I mean I don't think that *cough* i should be *cough* coughing much"
Zayn said "Honey all you need to do is get some rest.
Zayn walked out and Ally tried to go back to sleep.

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