Love Accidentilly

This story is about a girl who meets one direction... And read the rest to find out


2. Meeting 1D

Ally trembled as she looked up it was a blonde haired boy with light blue eyes, and wearing white sneakers.

Niall said "I'm so sorry, I ii...
Ally interuppted "It's fine it was an accident. Atleast I wasnt drinking hot chocolate.

Niall said " yeah but I was."
Ally replied: Oh my god I'm so sorry I really should have been looking where I was going! I didnt mean to do anything. Just then 4 more boys came up.

A tall boy with brown curls came up and said, " oh Niall its fine you have about a million pairs of those!"
Niall said" Harry you know I don't like being talked to like that.

Ally was shaking she didn't know what to do.

Liam came to Ally and said "Honey they are joking around and everything will be fine.

Ally trembled still, and.....
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