Hailey is a normal 18 year old girl who one day meets One Direaction at the mall ... Later she meets the rest of the guys, Not knowing that they are famous. Who will she fall for? Who will fall for her? What will her parents think? Find out all in Torn.


11. Who To Chose

"I wanna stay up all night and jump around till we see the sun" -Up All Night

"How was that" Harry said walking towards me. "Beautiful." "Thanks." "Harry, I love you" I said it was probably the hardest thing ever to say to a persons face I expected a I hate you or get a life or GURL I'm a pop star now get out and find someone knew. Instead I got: "Love you to Haliey" he replied. Then he kissed me.

(NOTE: honestly Harry isn't my favorite Niall is but I found Harry easier to write about so yeah)
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