Hailey is a normal 18 year old girl who one day meets One Direaction at the mall ... Later she meets the rest of the guys, Not knowing that they are famous. Who will she fall for? Who will fall for her? What will her parents think? Find out all in Torn.


5. Wait What?

"You know I'll be you life your voice your reason to be my love my heart is breathing for this" -Moments.

The game was now ended. It was 5-10 I was quite suprised we won. I mean I was never good at volleyball. It was weird. Miranda the guys and I walked down to the beach. "So you guys are on vacation?" Zayn said. "Yeah for the next few weeks!" I replied. "And I take it you are Irish?" I said pointing to Niall. "Haha yeah." "So, why are you here?" I said "Have you ever heard of the show the xfactor?" "Yeah why?" Miranda said. "Well Harry Liam Louis Zayn and I are in a band. One Direction." "OMG REALLY?!?!?!?!" I said. "Yeah, haha" "Yeah we were soloists until Simon!" Liam said. "Want to go to the ocean? Louis replied. "Let's go!" Zayn replied. We walked down to the salty blue ocean it was pretty much empty. Except for a few seagulls. We entered the ocean.
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