Hailey is a normal 18 year old girl who one day meets One Direaction at the mall ... Later she meets the rest of the guys, Not knowing that they are famous. Who will she fall for? Who will fall for her? What will her parents think? Find out all in Torn.


2. The Phone Call

"I had to take you and make you mine. Take you and make you mine." -Stand Up

Miranda and I got back to the hotel. "THAT GUY WAS SO HOT!!!" She said. "OK?" I replied i mean he was okay but not the hottest thing on Earth. "I'm going to call him. Like now." She said. She dialed the number that was on the blue note. She put it on to speaker. It rang about 5 times. "Hello?" The boy answered. It didn't sound like Louis "Oh, I must have the wrong number. Sorry." Miranda said about to hang up. "Wait are you looking for Louis?" The boy said. "Yeah Louis." "Oh here you go" the British boy said. "Hello?" The familiar voice said. "Hey Lou Miranda said walking into a different room so they could talk privately. A few minutes later Miranda walked back out smiling. "Hailey go get dressed we are going to the beach." Miranda said excitedly. I rolled my eyes and walked to go get ready.
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